Om Namah Shivaya


Friday, June 4, 2010

Taxotere/Carboplatin cocktail anyone? I'll give you an Ativan/Benadryl chaser for free!

First day of Chemo is here and aside from being a little sleepy at the moment, I'm feeling pretty darn good. Chillaxed back in the chair w/my breast cancer chemo blanket on my lap courtesy of Jennifer *thanks! i LOVE it!*, my hubby by my side, and "Deadliest Catch" on the boob-tube.

Sue, my nurse for the day, is fabulous and she looks like Maggie. I think Maggie heard me when I asked her to send someone to watch over me...maybe she's inside Sue; who knows. It's comforting to see her face though and have her tell me everything's going to be just fine. Thank you for that.

The Taxotere is almost done, and thankfully I have not had a reaction to it...yet...I don't really even feel any different yet. I don't know what I was expecting, but I wasn't expecting to just be able to sit here and tap away on my computer like it's just the normal thing I do every day. Yet I am sure that will change at some point.

Up next after the Taxotere is the Carboplatin cocktail. It has components of platinum in it...maybe my teeth will turn silver and I'll have *real* grill instead of the fake one I bought to freak the kids out! hahahah!!! oh to dream...cause I'm still upset that I didn't have *any* type of glow after my nuclear medicine shots. ;)


  1. You have such an amazing sense of humor and a grab it by the horns attitude this is what is going to get you through things and help you to live life to the fullest! I love reading your blogs outloud to the family as we laugh hysterically while picturing those fake grillz! P.S. JD helped with the blanket too and he is very proud (there JD are you happy?) Keep your chin up and fight hard!

  2. My public apology to JD: So sorry I left you out on the blanket. I absolutely love it. I've been snuggled underneath it all day today. When the flowers bloom you'll get a blog post about those :)

  3. It was fun to text with you while you were in the chemo chair. Sorry we couldn't talk for long.... silly demanding bride and groom must be photographed for their "special day" ... Wish I had been there to photograph your "special chemo day"

  4. Silly bride! Hahaa!! When is your last wedding?