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Sunday, September 28, 2014

My no - poop king. Is cows milk to blame?

My poor punkin. I've had enough. I can't watch him go through the misery of passing boulder sized poops anymore all for the sake of the comfort and security of cows milk whenever he wants. So I'm trying a new line of attack. Below is the post I just put up on my "Living a toxic free life" page on Facebook. I'm crossing everything that the choice I made Friday night will turn my little boys issue into a distant memory.  It does help that I read this article today...

And it helped quell my panic that the world is not ending. It's just changing into something I already know is healthier for us and in the end may result in sneaky ninja poops from my toddler which would be a welcome respite.

So. Enjoy all I have here. Want to join my group? Go find it on Facebook and request admittance. It's still developing but I pass along lots of great information that everyone should know.

This week I'll be focusing on a product I'm hoping will help my JP, for lack of a better way to say it, poop easier. You see, ever since we switched him over to cows milk at a year old he's had pooping issues on the constipation side. It does seem that when we limit his consumption of cows milk he does much much better. However, he can still get backed up and experience episodes that involve much screaming, bearing down to where he almost pukes, complete with crying screaming and sweating.

It's not a pretty picture and certainly not a happy time. I feel so badly for my little boy and am determined to get to the bottom of this.  After the episode on Friday that resulted in some dry boulders (yeah make that a nice visual in your head), and a scary time for Nama, I've done some reading and have decided the first step is eliminating cows milk entirely.

The next step is looking for a product such as OneBode Flo, linked above, that will help him break down food and digest it better and give him a probiotic boost.

I will tell you I haven't purchased it yet as I am awaiting a response from its creator, Tylene A Loomer and healthy home partner to see if this is right for our boy...however from what I have read and others who have suggested it, it seems to be a good shot idea in addition to eliminating the cows milk.

Happy reading!!


  1. Hi sweetie, it's a long story how I came across you. But, it had to do with your breast cancer.
    Here, I am interested on how you did with the milk and jp's tummy. My daughter is 23 and we had the same problem. The dr's thought I was exaggerating. Told me to give her metamucil. Metamucil to a 22 month old. Ack!!! With no suggestions on diet or milks or anything. So I was just wondering if anyone had ever figured this out.
    K lauzara

    1. I didn't hit reply incase I here from you on the above comment.

    2. I didn't hit reply incase I here from you on the above comment.