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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

another scar to add to my collection....

Well I officially have a Portacatheter inside of me and percoset to take the edge off (whoo!). If you're confused, the Portacath is an easier way for me to receive my chemo treatments, and for the doctors to draw blood, etc. It's gonna be nice to not be stuck in the arms with needles now!

A big thank you to Karen (for taking me at the godawful hour of 5am) to the KU Hospital and of course to my mom and dad for bringing me home and for taking care of me all day. Thank you to Dr. Connor for being such a fabulous lady and doing such a great job, to Howard for keeping me busy with conversation during all the pre-op (and inserting my IV with such skill), to Sarah the med student for having fun with Karen and I while we waited an hour and a half for surgery, and to Theresa for being a great recovery room nurse.

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