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Friday, June 4, 2010


So my friend, Cristin Blunt, and I were talking about my blog one day in the copy room at school. She then asked me "Do you like to write?" "Are you a good writer?" "I like what I've read on your blog"..."Uh, well...yeah, I guess, I've never really thought about it before". An hour or so later I had an email forwarded to me from Cristin talking about the new magazine, "ShhGirl!" that is supposed to be hitting the stands soon (if it hasn't already). She asked if I'd like to be a contributor to the magazine in the health and fitness area of life. *Sure!* I replied (although I have NO idea what it is I'm doing except just putting my thoughts down on paper...I hope it works out).

So I sent off my first article to the editor this morning. It's all about Bikram Yoga (or Hot Yoga as it's more commonly known). Look for it in the magazine when it comes out with my picture!


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  1. I really wish I would've taken a picture of me doing the "Shh!" pose at the party. That would have made for a better one but I'll take what I can get.