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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Anti-bacterial soap, hand sanitizer..and some random thoughts

Yvonne and Dr. Sharma told us all to become "religious" about washing our hands; especially me. I swear I've never washed my hands this much in a day and I wonder if that was just a gross thing to say. Don't get me wrong, I always washed at the appropriate times (cooking, bathroom, etc...) but to wash after every time I pet a dog/cat, or especially yesterday when I did some medical work on the cat (something beat him up and I had to be his momma and clean him up). It's just weird. You'd think that my hands would be super dry and cracked right now but they're not! Crazy.

Feeling a slight bit nauseous this morning. Took the dogs for a walk, which turned into a sprint at times...hahahha!! They're so funny. They love to go with me, but just can't go fast enough at times ya know? At least they listen to me when I tell them what to do instead of dropping me to my knees cause they want to bark at other doggies along the way.

Have a long and glorious day ahead of me. Some yoga is going to come up shortly here, then I think my girlfriends Stacie w/the twins, and Bonnie are going to come hang with me at my neighbor's pool. Here's hoping for a beautiful day!!!

Drum Line rehearsal starts up on Tuesday. Here's hoping I'll still be feeling normal enough to go whip those kiddos into shape! We've got a LOT LOT LOT to do!!!

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