Om Namah Shivaya


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

*when* is the rest of it going to go?!

I'm really not trying to complain, really I'm not ;), I just wanna know when the stubble that is the remainder of my hair is going to fall out. It was traumatic enough having to shave it off because it was falling out and making my head hurt; and it sucks that there has to be *maintenance* of what's left at this stage in the game.

I mean, who would've thought that I'd be looking forward to having a smooth head? Ha!


  1. What do the docs/nurses say? And are you gonna go for scarves/wigs/natural/mix of everything?

  2. hi! the main thing they told me was that it would start to fall out 10-20 days AFTER my first chemo, which it did and which is what prompted me to shave it in the first place. now it's just a waiting game for the rest cause everyone's different. at this moment in time i'm rockin' the natural at home and scarves out in public. :)