Om Namah Shivaya


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Sleeping in the big bed

I certainly hope my sweet little boy begins a turn around here soon. This waking up in the middle of the night yelling for me and needing water,  juice, or a hug is fatiguing this already exhausted mama.

Part of me says to just plop him in our bed from the start because he does the best there and will sleep all night long but the other part says this is just a phase that soon will end and that I need to stick to the routine of shower time and jammies with daddy then rocker time and stories with mommy followed by snuggles and transfer into his bed 

Or maybe it's time to turn his bed into a toddler bed so we just start there and I can slip out instead of jostling him around from rocker to crib. I don't know. What I do know is that my energy levels are in the pits and this can't continue much longer without me breaking in some way.

Which won't be good for anyone.

So here's hoping the three, 2 hour naps I received last night are enough to power me through my day.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

My no - poop king. Is cows milk to blame?

My poor punkin. I've had enough. I can't watch him go through the misery of passing boulder sized poops anymore all for the sake of the comfort and security of cows milk whenever he wants. So I'm trying a new line of attack. Below is the post I just put up on my "Living a toxic free life" page on Facebook. I'm crossing everything that the choice I made Friday night will turn my little boys issue into a distant memory.  It does help that I read this article today...

And it helped quell my panic that the world is not ending. It's just changing into something I already know is healthier for us and in the end may result in sneaky ninja poops from my toddler which would be a welcome respite.

So. Enjoy all I have here. Want to join my group? Go find it on Facebook and request admittance. It's still developing but I pass along lots of great information that everyone should know.

This week I'll be focusing on a product I'm hoping will help my JP, for lack of a better way to say it, poop easier. You see, ever since we switched him over to cows milk at a year old he's had pooping issues on the constipation side. It does seem that when we limit his consumption of cows milk he does much much better. However, he can still get backed up and experience episodes that involve much screaming, bearing down to where he almost pukes, complete with crying screaming and sweating.

It's not a pretty picture and certainly not a happy time. I feel so badly for my little boy and am determined to get to the bottom of this.  After the episode on Friday that resulted in some dry boulders (yeah make that a nice visual in your head), and a scary time for Nama, I've done some reading and have decided the first step is eliminating cows milk entirely.

The next step is looking for a product such as OneBode Flo, linked above, that will help him break down food and digest it better and give him a probiotic boost.

I will tell you I haven't purchased it yet as I am awaiting a response from its creator, Tylene A Loomer and healthy home partner to see if this is right for our boy...however from what I have read and others who have suggested it, it seems to be a good shot idea in addition to eliminating the cows milk.

Happy reading!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Take a stand! This is NOT okay!!

Unless you've been living under a rock tucked back in the furthest corner of the deepest cave, you know the battle that is waging against GMO's right now; but in case you are completely unaware, let me enlighten you a smidge.

GMO's are bad.  Bad, bad, BAD.  In a nutshell, these pesticides are the reasons why our children are hitting puberty at such young ages.  They're the reasons for the scarily dramatic increase in not only childhood cancer but chronic health issues in general (asthma, skin disorders, autism, Cardiovascular disease, the list goes on and on).  GMO's are the reason, in my opinion, this nation is going to hell in a hand basket because they're affecting our brain chemistry as well and turning us all bsc (bat sh!t crazy).

PLEASE. Watch this:

And this:

And sign this:’s-approval-new-24-d-resistant-genetically-engineered-crops/sy38Vm0s

We can NOT continue to be the government's guinea pigs. We must take a stand and tell them NO MORE!  Please. Do it. Join the cause.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Toddlers and Tantrums, oh my!

We have officially entered into the world of "Toddler Tantrum Olympics" and boy howdy is it swell.  He is so full of emotion and language just busting to get out that he gets frustrated so easily and I must remind myself to guide him gently through this turbulent world of toddler-dom as he rails against the boundaries set for him by life and mom.

It's amazing watching this little baby grow into this munchkin midgie that stands now, in front of me. His blond hair and brown eyes; infectious grin and carefree laugh.  The words tumbling out of his mouth so excited is he to tell me what he has to say. I so wish that I spoke his language right now, but I will wait and be patient (as I ask him so often to do) until he learns mine.

He is officially calling his blanket by its given name. Dex. It's quite possibly the cutest thing I've seen yet. Every day, sometimes every second, new words tumble out or old words in a new combination come to life and he looks so proud as he hands me the fruit snack he has been holding onto for an hour that is now sticky and covered in dog hair, and says "You. Momma."  How can you not take it?

I love it. I love him. I love it all. The tantrums, the squeals, the love, the tears, the snuggles...The exhaustion of chasing someone around who has more energy than I've known in a looong time.  I can't wait to see what happens tomorrow...

Sunday, May 18, 2014

11 years of teaching...

9 more days until my 11th year of teaching wraps up. I honestly can not believe it. It does not seem possible yet here I am staring down the home stretch of my 11th year. Wow.

So many changes have taken place in my personal life and the biggest one in my professional life is on the horizon. It's really really official now. I've signed the contract. I'm gathering the necessary info I need and making purchases for next year. I am, for real, teaching band AND orchestra next year and I couldn't be more excited and scared at the same time.

I know I can do this. I know I have a LOT to prove, mainly to myself but also to others, however I don't think I would have been given this assignment were there any shadow of a doubt in any of the higher ups mind's about me.

This is truly MY time and I intend to run with it and rock it out like no other. This is truly a spontaneous evolution about to take place and I hope you're along for the ride.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Post-it, anyone?

Ever since this crazy journey into parenthood began, I find I only have time for the basics of my life and blogging apparently has not been one seeing as it seen almost a full year since my last post. 

I mean. Let's get real. The most I write daily are the continuous passes on post-its to the bathroom and the nurse for my precious forgetful students who are navigating the perils of middle school.  

Yet here I find myself after a long hiatus with a head full of things to say, changes taking place, stories being rewritten, and not a post-it to be had.  Funny how life can change in the blink of an eye, isn't it.

18 and a half months ago JP changed our world forever and brought us to a place I never imagined, yet I hoped for, and one that I don't think I'll ever understand again because it's so amazing and confusing and frightening and exhilirating all at the same!  

Now, once again my professional life is changing and I couldn't be more thrilled, trepidatious, scared, overwhelmed, and pleased all at the same time.

I say "most likely" because even though the rumor was confirmed, I still don't have a contract in my hand so I don't want to get to far in, ya know?


I am most likely embarking on a journey that is shall test me like never before.  I most likely will be teaching a full class load of strings *and* band...with the potential of no travel.  

Say what. 

Am I *FINALLY* being given the opportunity I've been aching for, for over a decade?  Have I finally been recognized as a strong, competent, organized, successful teacher?  Or is the power of my daily illusion in full force. 

This is going to be my time to shine. My time to prove to MYSELF that I can do this and I can do it well. Time to rid those whispers in the corners of my mind and do what I know how to do so well. 


So there it is. A new chapter is being formed and we have so many good things to look forward to. Our little boy is growing strong and racing towards 2. Our marriage and relationship are approaching significant milestones. We have been through so much and have come out stronger on the other side; and my career is taking yet another twist. 

I can't wait to see how it all plays out.