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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Twas convocation eve when all through the school...

Not a Cougar was stirring, not even a mouse. Ken and his team cleaned the building with care, anticipating that many students soon would be there. The teachers were busy putting together their roomswhile visions of AYP and MAP scores danced through the school. Principal Davis in her pant suit, and the VP's in their ties, had just awoken their brains from a long summer's respite. When out on the front lawn there arose such a clatter, I ran from the band room to see what was the matter.  Away to the front mall I flew like an Eagle, tore open the front doors and saw lots of people! The sun on the gleam of the newly mown grass gave the lustre of heatwaves to objects in brass. When what to my wondering eyes should appear, but a Marching Band, an Eagle, and a community sincere. With a smart looking Band, so big and so bright, I knew in a moment this fledgling bird would take flight. More rapid than Cougars the Marching Band they came; they whistled, and shouted, and called them by name! "Now Drum Line!  Now Trumpets! Now Piccolos, and Flags! On Baritone! On Clarinets! On Sousaphone's, and Sax! To the top of the hill! To the front of the school!  Now March away! March away! March away all!" The Band they did come like the prideful group they are; with a strut down the street you can see from afar. So down the street, the Drum Line they grooved, with the community full of joy, and the Superintendent too. And then in a twinkling we heard from the school, the cheering of students with something to proveI came out the door and turned right around, to see down the street a very large crowd. Their eyes-how they twinkled! Their smiles how merry! Their cheeks were like roses, their joy like a cherry! Their big smiles had joy and humor to share, it was hard to believe the school year was here! The games that they played, the food that they ate; the smoke from the BBQ encircled the place. They had bright shining faces and comfortably full bellies, yet everyone eyed the dessert table especially the cakes and the jellies! They were happy and content, a right jolly old group, and I laughed when I saw them, this good-vibing troupe.  A shout from the back and a Drum Line's approach, soon gave way to grooves that were above reproach.  They saluted the crowd, and went straight to their work, "Drummin' for the Cure" their duty they did not shirk.   Gazing out at the crowd, the joy all around; they nodded and felt good because this school year would be profound.  While they jammed the day away; the Band and Drum Line too, the Cheerleader's they cheered, and threw a stunt or two.   The crowd they exclaimed, as the Band marched out of sight; "Happy new school year  to all, and to all a good-night!"

Thursday, August 4, 2011

2011-2012 "Drummin' for the Cure" Tshirt is ready to order

ATTENTION PUBLIC: This year's edition of the "Drummin' for the Cure" Tshirt is ready to order!

Pricing is as follows: S-XL $20, 2X and above $25. Money raised is going towards the Golden Eagle Drum Line's goal of hosting a drum line battle to raise money for breast cancer awareness (more on that much later ;)
Tank tops are also available. Pricing is the same.
Oh and one more thing; I have to have at least 12 @ a time to place an order. We're taking orders now, have five on the list. Get one and help us reach our goal!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Matt Damon Defends Teachers against Sh!tty Cameraman.
Just to share; I have been at school for the majority of the summer having drum line rehearsal three times a week, three hours each. Since Thurs., I have been at school by seven and leaving around 330 to then go do my errands, which are mostly school related at the moment; getting home around 530 only to try and salvage my evening, after doing the evening routine, only to collapse into bed just so I can get up again at 4 to do it all over again. 

Golden Eagle Drum Line '11-'12

This is what I do, it is who I am. I love it down to my core and can't imagine doing anything else.  Many people I know sometimes don't understand the depths of my commitment to my students.  The lengths to which I will go to make sure that they are on, stay on, and continue on the path to success.  As I know this is what I will do for my own child/ren, so I know this is what I do and will continue to do for other people's children.
Golden Eagle Drum Line and Pit '11-'12

Having job security w/my tenure means nothing in this day and age, I've held my breath at the end of the past two school years.  Shoot, two years ago it was such a stressful situation wondering whether or not I would have a job the following year, that I had to go on anxiety meds!  
I thankfully have been off them for quite a while, but my job is still frustratingly rewarding and even though I have tenure, I will always strive to prove myself to my administrators and colleagues but most importantly to the students because they are who and what are most important.  I didn't go into teaching for the money; I went into it because it's who I am, and what I love. 
If that's not incentive to accept the lack of funding, and frustratingly rewarding situations I and my fellow staff members must work with and work through on a daily basis, coupled with a salary that probably doesn't accurately record our time spent not only educating other people's children but spending an inordinate amount of time with other people's children...well, then  don't know what is.