Om Namah Shivaya


Friday, May 10, 2013

The kindness of strangers

Approximately seven months ago I stumbled upon a group of ladies from a birth board I frequented on a regular basis. We all had just had babies around the same time and the majority of us are first time moms with some veterans sprinkled in for sage advice. 

The bond we have formed has taken us through drama, pain, tears, frustrations, joys, happiness, fears, and elation at watching all of our babies grow up "together". 

I go to these ladies whenever I have a question about JP, need to vent about life, have a joy to share, and of course to check on them and share in the never ending conversation. 

These ladies are a never-ending source of inspiration and support for me, one I didn't even know I needed, and for that I am eternally grateful. 

To know that these women live inside my phone and are there 24/7 for me no matter what, is a kindness I will never be able to repay. 

These girls, women, mothers, pulled together and gave me a birthday present I was never expecting. From the kindness of strangers a gift I am undeserving of but am deeply grateful for. 

This group...our group. We are powerful, we are women, we are mothers, we are friends. For their kindness, friendship, and support I am undeserving yet forever grateful. 

I love you all.