Om Namah Shivaya


Monday, May 25, 2015

Living in Gratitude

I am so very truly blessed with my life.  I see that now and immerse myself in the gratitude that comes with it. 

I am grateful our water problems were not as worse as others this past weekend/week

I am grateful for a very pleasant weekend with both my boys at home

I am grateful for the ability to buy good food for my family, clean, and prep it to make it even easier to choose to eat

I am grateful for friends joining the cause

I am grateful for only four more days of school

I am grateful I truly survived, moderately successfully, this school year on my own managing 4 different ensembles and 2 general music classes.  More greatness planned for next year.

I am grateful for said survival and the ability to look at what I can, should, and need to change

I am grateful for a gorgeous day.

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