Om Namah Shivaya


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Back to the grind and some other ponderations...

I'm glad break is over, although I believe Buck is having a hard time with it.  Poor guy has been wound tighter than a top when we've been getting home the past couple of days.  I don't blame the guy, I mean *I'd* go crazy if I went from hanging out with me 24/7 to a couple of hours in the morning and couple of hours at night ;)  Good thing I don't mind sitting outside hitting the "B.A. double L" even if it is 20 degrees outside.  

This break was much welcomed because not only was it a break from the exhausting pace of the first semester but it also ushered in the official end of the breast cancer chapter of my life...our life.  The painful tissue expanders were replaced by a pair of silicone implants.  The bandages come off tomorrow morning and I'm beyond thrilled.  Give it till May 14th...then it'll feel like nothing ever happened.  That'll be cool.

So until then the second semester has gotten off to a roaring start.  Yesterday was the kid's first day back (we had a work day on Monday) and it was a relatively good day.  It was fabulous seeing everyone's faces even if some of the attitudes were grumpy, and I was full of energy and life as I zipped about from building to building spreading knowledge everywhere I went ;)  To top it off I've gotten the best two nights of sleep the past two nights than I have in months; that's a *major* relief.  

Now if this cold would just go away...

I work a pair of fabulous red heels to school today.  I had a mini fashion crisis this morning trying to put an outfit together around them and wasn't feeling super stellar about them or the outfit but I had committed to it and was going to rock it.  I hit the doors of school, turned the corner into the stair well and *Bam!* I was hit by compliments by the gals coming down the stairs.  Around the corner to the band room door and I hear "Dude, those shoes are crispy!" (this is a *good* thing for those of you not in the know).  I drop my stuff off and make the walk through the masses to the front office to sign in, check my box, make some copies and get back to my room so I can get my stuff for Ed and am bombarded by "Girrrrrl those shoes are too cute!", "Ooooo can I have those shoes Mz Stout?", and "Oooo! I lurve thoze!"  Hahahaa...too funny.  

Aside from a couple of blisters that will fade with time and make them more comfortable the next time it was a good day rounded out by a good rehearsal with my mallet solo's after school.  

Tomorrow I'm wearing flats. ;) 


  1. Those shoes are HOT. I mean, crispy. Hope your new breasts meet expectations. I bet they'll be fabulous.

  2. I love your blog! Reading it makes me feel like I can do anything, thank you!

  3. @jaljen: i'm getting more comfortable with the new girls with each passing day. it's still weird, but getting better.

    @media's darling: thank you!