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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Bald is beautiful;

or so I'm being told, hahaha. I shaved my head last night, or rather my friends did it for me. I am so blessed and lucky to have such a good group of girlfriends, guy friends and of course an amazing hubby.

Everyone started coming over around 6pm to have some snackies and "liquid courage" *ha!*. We made sure to get some "before" pictures and everyone kept asking me "Are you sure it's falling out?" "Are you sure you want to do this tonight?", so I illustrated for them exactly *WHY* I wanted to do it that night by taking my side ponytail down and showing them the handful of hair that came out with the elastic band. Then to make my point even more I made sure to slowly and carefully run my hand though my hair and that wad of hair that came out definitely made everyone stand up and take notice. *wide eyed stare*

So finally 7 o'clock came and I didn't think I could procrastinate anymore. I told everyone to start moving upstairs so we could get the "festivities" of the night started, and of course that was like herding ants at a certain point but they finally all made it up.

I made my speech, thanked everyone for being there and then took the first cut. THAT was hard. I'm sure the last time I cut my own hair in such a fashion was with my mother's pinking shears when I was 5 or something like that. I had already decided that I wanted it cut into a mullet first then into a faux-hawk, then we went into more of a mohawk by shaving the sides down, then finally buzzed it all off. Everyone was yelling at me "You're so HOT!" "Oh you look so good with short hair!" "You should leave it like that! It's awesome!" and I, of course, didn't believe them. I still don't really because it's just so surreal to look at myself with no hair on my head. There's definitely going to be an adjustment period for me...

Huge thanks goes out to the following people....

My wonderful hubby Tim; on the eve of our 5th wedding anniversary (tomorrow) I want to take a moment and thank you for being my honey. Thank you for taking part in shaving my head and for telling me I still look beautiful. You were the only one that I wanted actually shaving my head and I must admit I didn't know if you were going to do it or not, so thank you very much for that. I love you to the depths of my soul and am so happy that I have you alongside me on this journey. Love you!

My bestest friend in the whole wide world, Mischa;
Thank you for listening to me cry on the phone yesterday morning as I called to tell you I decided to shave my head; and thank you even more for coming. I know it's a drive from Lawrence and it made your workday even longer but it meant the world to me that you were there *and* that you brought my beautiful goddaughter with you. Love you!

My other bestest friend in the whole wide world, Dana;
Thank you for everything. The encouraging smiles, the shoulder to cry on, for taking the first cut of my hair, for wrapping locks up in ribbon, for telling me I'm beautiful even though I know I'm kind of odd looking right now. Mostly just for being you. You're a class act and a beautiful friend. Thank you for being in my life. Love you!

My dear friend Teddy; How cool is it that you came?!?! Thank you so much for that. I'm so glad that you got to finally meet my doggies, see my house and hang out with Tim and I somewhere other than the restaurant. Thank you for shaving your head along with me as well. You're one cool dude and I'm very thankful and blessed to have you in my life. Love you!

My girlfriends Angie and Anne (and their beautiful daughters Addie and Johnna); Thank you for coming over and hanging with me before the party started. I haven't had anyone come over and play with scarves with me yet and that was just what I needed. The girls are getting *so* big I can hardly believe it. They were too cute playing with my shoes and running around the house. :) Come over anytime you want. Love you both!!!

The fabulous Stacie: Thank you so very much for coming over last night to help me take my hair off. I hope you got some good practice in with those scissors! ;) As always you are a fabulous friend and I am blessed to have you in my life. Thank you for being there, it meant the world to me. Love you!

The incomporable Heather and Jeff: Thank you, Jeff, for being brave enough to come and for manning the camera for a little while. You're an awesome dude and I'm very happy to count you among our friends. Heather!! Thank you for the wine, for being you, for being silly, making me smile, and telling me I looked good with no hair. Thank you for taking awesome pictures of the party. I truly appreciate it and am glad you're my friend. Love you both!

Rachel, Jay, Thomas, Shawna, Marilyn and Miss Myka; Thank you all so so SO very much for surprising me and coming to my party. That meant the world to me. I miss you all and miss GC but we're finding ways to get around all of that aren't we? Thanks for being crazy (Jay I *still* can't believe you shaved your head), for being fun, and for making me laugh even though I was losing my hair. You're all awesome and I can't wait to see you again. Love you all!

I hope I didn't forget anybody! Please let me know if I did! Thanks again for a wonderful night everyone. Here's to being bald and making it beautiful in the only way I can; with Stout style!

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