Om Namah Shivaya


Sunday, November 27, 2011

Maintaining my balance while the year flies by

I can't believe it's November.  I can't believe that Thanksgiving has come and gone...#craziness.  It definitely does *not* seem like just yesterday that I was running around like crazy getting through marching season, oh no, that seems like a million years ago already.  I just can't believe that this semester is almost over and that we're rapidly approaching Christmas Break!


Where does the time go?  Does it just slip by unnoticed until one day we look up from our cell phones, computer screens, conference calls, pile of paperwork/dishes/laundry, and notice all of a sudden that it's farking NOVEMBER?!  Or does it just move by at the pace it always has and we just have to hang on for dear life because if we don't we'll get thrown off into the stratosphere then spend the next week and a half playing catch up?*laugh*

IF you know me, you know that I lead a cram-packed life, and while many people don't understand what I do, why I do it, or exactly *how* I find my balance let me assure you I do.  I find it in the simple times like this where I'm home *early* on a Wednesday and am sitting still for an hour.  That's enough time for me to re-charge my batteries then tackle the evening to-do list to keep things running smoothly.  I also find my balance in my to-do list.  Knowing me and loving me means knowing that I am very particular in how my house and in how my life are run.  I like order, cleanliness, structure, and comfort knowing that, for the most part, things are going to pan out pretty much how I need them too.  That may not be the way I *planned* it, necessarily, but it's always goes the way it needs to go.

I find my balance in that 30minute hot bath and 30minute workout in the morning before getting ready for work.  I find it in that first sip of the *sweet nectar of the gods* before getting in the tub.  I find it in successfully maneuvering through my day and realizing that *yes* I AM a teacher, I DO know what I'm doing, and I DO IT WELL.  Do I screw up?  Absolutely.  Do I second guess myself?  Heck yes!; but that's what it's all about.  

I found my balance this morning by getting out of bed at 3:45.  Buck woke me up at three to go out & go potty, then woke me up at 3:30 to go out again.  When I went back to bed, I pulled Lilly up for a good half hour of Lilly-snuggles only to have her kick, nudge & lick my chin, sigh, and grumble for me to rub her belly; so I got up.  It was glorious.  I took a 45minute hot bath, and did an hour of yoga, then got ready, packed my lunch, loaded up my car, and hit the road for work at 6:30am.  I'm pretty proud of myself.

The balance this afternoon/evening is jetting right after school to get home and spend some time with my dogs, (and my house), before Tim gets home from hunting and I make dinner.  I immediately slow my pace when I set foot on our driveway.  There's no rush, no pressure, no nothing when I finally get home.  Sure there's always the ever-present *to-do* list running through my brain but I'm able to push them aside for a bit and slow.*thetruck*.down.  I love it when I come home.  Buck &  Lilly are excited as all get out when I get to the door, and it's always #pinkheartsandbutterflies to see their goofy faces even if Buck's barking can be a bit much.  We have a huge reunion then start the routine.  Yes, even for my down-time there's a routine; especially when it comes to the dogs.  We have our "OH my goodness I'm so glad you're home!" moment, then we go get the mail where they can check out the front and side yards.  Usually another kissy-kissy moment as they move across to the side yard, and that's when their body language and barks change too "Ball!  Hey!  Ball time! Now! nownownownownownownow!! Ball.Ball.Ball.Ball!"

It's quite funny actually. *laugh*

Buck will then beat me to the door because *heaven forbid* I forget about him and playing B.A.Double L.  Upstairs to put stuff away, and most importantly change from the school clothes to something super comfortable.  Starting some chores next, usually laundry, then gathering up what I want to take outside with me, which at this point Buck is bouncing up and down literally salivating at the prospect of playing BALL and Lilly is barking her head off like a crazy person.  Outside for about 30min of play time, then I come back in so they run the yard, then I just get to SIT.  I try to sit for an hour.  To just rest.  To relax.  To do absolutely nothing but exactly what I want.  *Sigh*, it's lovely.  I'm currently 5minutes away from my hour being over and the first thing on my list is flipping the laundry and sweeping the basement floor.  After that I'll finish up the reindeer games, give a new workout tape a try, then take a hot bath and get ready for work.  The balance that I constantly am working on is the knowledge that if I don't get everything done it's OKAY because there's always tomorrow.  

Where do you find your balance?