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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

*big smile*

Well here they are folks! The first installment of the combined district's high school's Drum Line under the direction of yours truly. *tips hat and smiles*

May I introduce the Golden Eagle Drum Line 2010-2011!!!!!!! *roar of the crowd*

On Snare Drum we have Bianca, Diante, Elgin, and Forrest!
On Bass Drum we have John, Sean, Jeff, Paul, and Tevin!!!
On the mighty Quints we have Mitchell and Kiestan; and on the Cymbal line we have Kris, Marcel, Darren, Diante, and LeAundre......*ahhh, ahhh, roar of the crowd**

Stay tuned throughout my journey for updates on this group right here. They are going to be key to my success in all of this. I have my sights set high for them, but theirs are probably higher. I have great expectations of them, but I *know* theirs are greater. They're gonna do me proud this year... :)

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