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Sunday, June 20, 2010

I think my hair is starting to go :(

I may just be over-anticipating my hair loss but I really think it's staring to go. *sigh*

Ya know (girls) when you wear a high and tight ponytail and at the end of the day how your hair just *hurts*? Or guys, when you wear a hat all day long with your hair pulled back underneath it and when you finally take the hat off your hair just *hurts*? Well, that's what the crown of my head felt like last night; and my hair was *down* sayin'. So I think this is the start of it, which makes sense. I'm over the halfway point of the "10-20 days after your first treatment it'll start to fall out" we'll see I guess. To commemorate my hair loss journey, here is,

" I'll Miss You..."

32 years we have had, and glorious ones at that.
From mall bangs, spiked bangs, and side-swept,
pixie cuts, long lengths, to bobs in-between
Dark brown underneath, to golden shine on top
you've been my friend.

We started rockin' the layers and then the curls
hot rollers, curling irons, blow dryers and two junior high perms;
Hair goop, mousse, hair spray, teasers, bobby pins,
we've done it all.

You're hurting now and that sucks
The taste of drugs makes you want to go away
I understand even though I may cry
We've had a long relationship, you and I
I never thought we'd have to end it

Damnit...I need a minute...

But you'll come back and how glorious it will be
when we get to see each other again, you and me,
and we'll start our love affair up again.

'Till then...

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  1. Hair is highly over rated and at your age you will find that it will grow back with a bang. Dad says to tell you he will shave his head and have it hennaed with Emily. I want to see that!!