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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Day 2 of Chemo and the Neulasta shot....still waiting...

for the other shoe to drop; not that I really want it too. I can't help but wonder if each cycle will be just like this where I fell pretty much normal with just some slight "am I nauseous because of the chemo or because I'm really hungry" well, when I eat I feel better...hmmmm....*shrugs*

Today was the day of the Neulasta shot. The purpose of this shot is to simulate my bone marrow to keep my blood counts up so the risk of infection stays down. I'm still waiting for the "deep bone pain" to set in. Jim and Karen (my in-laws) took me to the cancer center to get my shot today. That was so kind of them. :) I showed off my potted plants to them when they came over to get me and they ooh'd and ahh'd over my shoes (thanks Bob and Britney! I promise pictures to come soon!), Karen even took pictures later *giggle*

Jim had me "navigate him" down to the cancer center, which I did now without even really thinking about where we had to turn...definitely getting used to that route. :/ We made it in good time through the mess that is I-35 South right now; that's quite the interesting bridge they are building don't ya think? We got into the cancer center and I gave them a quick rundown of the floors I'd been on. They thought it was a very nice building with good views, and interesting chairs (that one bench in the chemo treatment suite is quite interesting, I should take a picture of it).

I got called back to wait for the nurse and all the ladies ooh'd an ahh'd over my shoes! haahaahha! The lovely nurse came in and showed me a *very* big wasn't so much a long needle, it was bigger around...*shudders*. "This'll be a big stick and will probably hurt a little but I'll push it in slow so maybe that'll help."


That sucker hurt and it kind of burned but felt cold at the same time, and it seemed to take for-evvveerr. *Sheesh!* But then before I knew it it was done & finished and I was walking out with one last compliment on my Bob & Britney cancer kickin' shoes ;)

Thanks for taking me Jim & Karen and a special thank you for the tenderloins! They were fantastic!!!


  1. he he... so I read your title too fast and I thought it said Nutella shot. Wouldn't of that been better!!