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Friday, July 16, 2010

halfway to the finish line today...

Chemo #3 out of the way today, *yay!*, only 3 more to go (Look Becki! I wore the scarf you gave me today!). It was non-traumatic again this time and I actually snoozed for a bit near the end as I gave into the lullaby of the muscle relaxer pill. Ahhhhhhh...cyclopedsabenzine take me away, or something like that.

I should feel fine today and tomorrow will start w/the nausea, then get hit w/the body aches and fatigue probably by Sunday night where it will go through it's regular cycle. It starts in my stomach w/the nausea which stays in kind of a "perma-nausea" state for the whole week, then it moves out to my hips and spreads across my lower back when the body aches it, then after a couple days it comes up into my throat and I get the "raw pukey throat" feeling along with the weird coating on the inside of my mouth. The final stage is when it moves through to my lips, which makes them feel swollen and super chapped. The throat, mouth, and lip stuff is definitely the weirdest out of all of them.

Oh well, at lest we're halfway through and I can kind of know what to expect now so that's nice. Find the silver linings where you can ya know?


Currently I'm feeling: Not as stiff and sore today so that's nice. I'm also a bit tired right now but I think that's the muscle relaxer.
Procrastinating: Nothing really, just chillaxin' after Chemo.
Reading: Re-reading "Eat, Pray, Love"...still them I'm going to re-read either "Various flavors of Coffee", or "The Concubine's Daughter".
Watching: Flipping between Fear and Catch and Release.
Doing to make me smile: Getting and taking that muscle relaxer. I should've gotten one of those earlier!

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