Om Namah Shivaya


Thursday, July 8, 2010

shirts are in!

here's what they look like for those of you who have been waiting for a picture.

Thanks to Happy Times T-Shirt Co in Claycomo, MO for the fabulous shirts.

$15 a piece. Please include $5 s&h. Contact me in whatever way you know how to order one :)

**whispers..."come know you want one"....**


  1. Hi, Em...You inspire me. I would very much like a t-shirt. I would like a "team Stout" one; 2XL if you have it, otherwise an XL. I am kind of in between right now. I lost 35 pounds last year, but have much to go.

    WE are winning, Em. You help me remember that. Good job! of getting on with life.

    I have a PET scan next Weds. and surgery the following week. We have to wait until all of the pathologies are in to decide what happens after that. I will keep my fingers crossed, but we are going to be aggressive about it. I don't want a third time.

    all my love, Penny

  2. gotcha down penny and there WON'T be a third time! when you write your check make it out to me for now. until i'm either a business or foundation i can't cash checks w/my foundation name on them in the Pay line. :)

    so, $16 for a 2X. would you like a bracelet as well? hose are $5. :)