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Thursday, July 1, 2010

just like comin' home...

So I went to Lawrence today because I just couldn't face another day sitting around my house staring at the same walls, talking to the same dogs (yes I talk to my dogs), and laying at the same pool. Just couldn't do it. SO, I went home to spend the day with my folks and got the added bonus of seeing my nephew Thomas, my sis Romanda and bro-in-law Dan.

After a wonderful afternoon spent hanging at home having lunch, working on the computer, convincing mom to transform a dress for me, and helping Dad hang art in the studio (wonderful father-daughter bonding project :) I decided to wile away the lovely Lawrence rush-hour with a beer and some food at Free State Brewery.

For those of you that don't know, Free State is the *bomb-diggity*. Not only is the beer to *die* for (BRING
BACK THE CANNONBALL RED PLEASE!!!!) but the food is awesome as well (have you *tried* the crack dip otherwise known as Queso lately?); and according to the local guests (Greg) it is the "Finest Beer Cuisine This Side of the Mississippi".

This is my first home. This is where I spent almost 3 years of my college life working, drinking, and friending. Walking back into this restaurant is just like coming home. It smells like home, it feels like home, and it sounds like home. Many of the folks I worked with back then are still here and it's really that place where "everybody knows your name".

So CHEERS TO YOU FREE STATE!!! Raise a glass of whatever you're drinking (Wheat State Golden for me currently) and drink to your health.

"Here's to you, here's to me, if ever we should disagree *bleep you* here's to me! 1...2...3...!!!!"

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