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Friday, May 28, 2010

Drummin' for a Cure; The Stout Foundation

So I've always wanted to start a nonprofit/foundation for Breast Cancer and I believe the universe is telling me that *now* is the time. The name of it will be Drummin' for a Cure; The Stout Foundation. My ultimate goal for the large fundraiser for it is to have a metro wide Drum Line competition hosted by my school. Obviously that goal is a ways off, so for now we are going to start simply. We are going to start by selling T-shirts, pink snare sticks, and pink swirl silicone wristbands. There will be two shirts

1) "Drummin' for a Cure" across the top with a picture of a bass drum w/a pink ribbon inside

2) "Marchin' for Mama Stout" across the top, don't know what else yet on it. Waiting for this artwork to get to me.

They will both be the classic breast cancer pink, tye-dyed in hot pink. Prices TBD once I get the artwork to a tshirt company.

The pink snare sticks will sell for $15 a pair. You may begin to order these at any time. For right now I would appreciate cash, but if you must write a check make it out to me, Emily Stout.

The pink wrist bands will sell for $2 a piece. Those are currently on their way to me. They are pink swirl silicone bracelets with "Kickin' Cancer's A$$" embossed on them. My name might also be on them as well. You may order those at any time as well.

IF you need me to ship any of these items to you, simply include a few extra bucks for shipping please and of course your address.

That's it for now! Let's get this foundation going!!!!!!


  1. I want one of each. I will send you a check for the sticks and couple of bracelets!!

    This is a fab idea and I want to be there to take picks of the event!!

  2. I want a shirt whenever you get it figured out! And a bracelet :) Love the name btw!

    <3 Didde :)

  3. Price updates;

    Bracelets are $5 a piece & sticks are $20 to help defray the costs of shipping. If you've already sent $$ & didn't add this xtra don't worry about it. I'll figure it out. Shirts will remain at $15 a piece. The only ones available right now are the "kickin' it!" Onesa. Th others are still being visualized. :)