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Saturday, July 24, 2010

summer is slipping away and I'm not ready yet...

The first day of band camp (which for me essentially is the first day of school) is rapidly approaching and I'm not ready yet. I'm not ready to wear a scarf on my head every day and answer the unending questions I'm sure students and teachers alike are going to have. I'm not ready to find out just how much these last 3 chemo's and my schedule of school are going to wear me out. I'm also anxious about doing a good job this year especially since I'll have the 8th grade orchestra as my own class...I'm just not ready yet...but I don't have any choice do I? 4 days and counting.

Currently I'm feeling: Not as stiff and sore but very anxious.
Procrastinating: Steam-mopping the floors again
Reading: Re-reading "The Concubine's Daughter"
Watching: The "O.G." Karate Kid
Doing to make me smile: Hell I don't know...go to the pool and clean the house I 'spose.

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