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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Pre-op appt; check. Pre-anesthesia appt; check. Post-surgery camisole; check. Knowing that I just *might* be a bionic woman...priceless!

So we had the pre-op appointment last Thursday where Dr. Connor examined me and explained to Tim and I what she's going to do, exactly, on Friday. How long it will take, how I'll feel, ya know; the basics. It's kind of nice knowing that she's going to use the same incisions from the reduction I had so there's not going to be a horizontal line in addition to everything else; that's going to heal nicer I think. She's also going to take away the lumpectomy scar and it's a for-sure I have more tattoos in my future (excited about that one :). We also got to meet the other surgeon who is going to help Dr. Connor with the mastectomy but unfortunately we didn't not get to meet the plastic surgeon again. His nurse came down and answered some of my questions and Dr. Connor filled in the rest so I feel a little better about what I'm going to be seeing when I wake up Friday afternoon.

This morning I went for my pre-anesthesia appointment where they checked me into the hospital so we don't have to do the paperwork Friday morning, a nurse poked me three times with a freaking needle (missed the vein the first time in my left then they had to draw more blood so I got poked again), I talked with the pharmacist (not as exciting as it sounds; she was going over my current med's not any I'll be getting), and got to see my friend Erin who talked to me about the anesthesia (so neat to see her all dressed in scrubs being a *real* doctor!) and highly recommended the "epidural" for my chest muscles. Don't even ask me what the name of that drug has three names and the last one is Blocker, that's all I remember. It's essentially an epidural but just higher up on the back. They'll stick me along the spine with this "Blocker" which in turn will numb my chest muscles completely thus making the whole waking up and the stay in the hospital much more pleasant.!

They drew blood for Dr. Connor to check my blood levels, and chem panel; then the pharmacist wanted to draw more blood to check my INR level because of the blood thinner they have me on (hence the 3 needle sticks). About 2 o'clock today I got a text from Erin that said "Why aren't you exhaused?! Holy Kriminey! Oh and eat a banana, your potassium is low"...*laugh* good to know! So naturally I ask if it's anything that's going to keep me from surgery on Friday cause sweet little baby Jesus knows that as much as I don't want to have this surgery I know it has to happen so therefore the absolutely *LAST* thing I want is for the damn thing to be pushed back. No thank you. Thankfully she tells me that it's nothing that will push the surgery back she just can't understand how I'm not sleeping 24/7 because my hemoglobin is 9 whereas normal is 12. Now, this information doesn't necessarily mean anything to me but it makes me laugh because I'm a teacher; exhaustion is a state of being for me. Ha! I'd LOVE to sleep 24/7 but it's not gonna happen.

Seriously though, exhaustion is a state of being for me. I really honestly don't feel any more tired than normal so I've deduced I must be bionic or something, but...see...then again if I really were bionic I would still be doing my yoga at 430am, and exercising after school, among other things, so maybe I'm just crazy...okay, okay, I know I'm crazy ;) I guess I just finally have an excuse or an *answer* as to why I don't have any energy to workout right now...

3 more days...

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