Om Namah Shivaya


Monday, October 25, 2010


Yep, you heard (or rather read) that correctly. We knew during the surgery that the lymph-nodes that had been removed were negative at that time *but* there was still the regular, in-depth pathology report to run to really *really* make sure which way the arrow was going to go.

Dr. Ryan came in first (*so* reminds me of our friend Hupp) asked how I was feeling, to which I replied "Well, I don't know about you but my happy pills kicked in about 15minutes ago so I'm good to go"...ha!...He chuckled and asked aside from *that* how I was doing, and I really didn't have many complaints. Sure the drain sites in my sides hurt like a son of a b!tch, and the place were I can feel them above my collar bones is not only weird but tender, but other than that I'm okay.

I'm also kept on a good schedule of pain pills so that helps but damn if they don't make me loopy as all get out! I honestly don't know how there are people out there who are addicted to the type of medication I'm taking right now that take it in much higher doses and still yet can function on some level and always need more. I was relieved today when Dr. Connor said I can go down to just one Oxycodone a day and to take it at night so I don't wake up so sore in the morning. Then for just daily pain relief to take Aleve. I still have the others, just in case something happens (like when Buck decided to punch me in the chest Tuesday morning...son of a! that hurt!) or something like that but thank you sweet baby Jesus we can stop the fog inducing, drooling, sleeping, totally out of it pain protocol.

Dr. Ryan hands me a report, which is the pathology, and says "This is the pathology of your surgery, do you want me to go through it in detail or just cut to the chase?"

Ummmm, yeah, I'll just take the quick and sweet version please.... :)

"There is no evidence what-so-ever of cancer, residual cancer, nothing in the report."

I wish I could tell you there was confetti in the air, balloons and a marching band but there wasn't. More importantly there was a *big* sign of relief between Tim and I; a weight had been lifted. That big "What IF?!" question disappeared in an instant. I was going to be okay; We were going to be okay; It was all going to be okay...Life is going to be back normal most likely by Christmas. What a thing to be thankful for. What a gift. I can't wait to get there and move beyond to what's next because there's nothing that's going to stop us now. <>