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Friday, October 29, 2010

the drains have left the building....

Hallelujha! Man those things were pesky and irritating but now they're gone and now, instead, I have two holes in the sides of my body...mmmm...yummy. I tried a burlesque style undressing for Tim in the doctor's office the other day...*laugh*...imagine me unzipping my hoodie to reveal a *SO* attractive "post-mastectomy surgery camisole", whipping out drain bulbs, then wincing as I pull the shoulder straps down (that was attractive). I think at that point, between Tim helping me get out of the thing, the drain tubes, surgical tape, gauze, paper tape, and winces of pain, I had kind of spoiled any mood other than silliness. Hahahhaa....gotta have fun when you can right?

The gal came in and asked what we were doing today, to which I told her the right drain was coming out for sure and I was hoping the left could as well but wasn't sure. SO she went of to check everything out, came back in and told us both were ready to come out! Whooppee!! Now, if you've never had drains before the idea is that they place this perforated tube in the area then run it outside your body into a drain bulb. The bulb has suction on it thus sucking or "draining" off the fluid that can collect in the area, you then strip the tube once or twice a day and empty it twice a day. One of the things I remember in the recovery room was feeling the whole area and feeling this "ridge" under my skin right under my collar bone. I asked what it was and was told it was the drain tube...hmmm...interesting; didn't think I'd be able to feel it.

So anyways, she gets it all prepped up, clips the stitches, tells me to take a big *big* breath in then as I blow it out as hard as I can she pulls the drain right out. *That*, ladies and gentlemen, felt w.e.i.r.d. with a capital W. She did the other side and the look on Tim's face each time was priceless. Poor guy...ha! But! They're gone...thank you baby jesus! This means I can drive again, AND I can go back to work. Whoo!!!!

I'm out. Hot shower time then I'm treating myself to a mani/pedi and a big tall glass of water with my friend Dana. :)

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