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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Four days post-op and I think I'm getting the hang of it...

A few things I've figured out since surgery day...
1) Use your ABS to sit up from bed or the chair, not your chest muscles (owie!)
2) Stay on the schedule of pain meds otherwise it hits you like a sledgehammer in the chest and that's no fun for anyone
3) Wrapping your chest in saran wrap to take a shower might sound funny but it really helps keep that whole area mostly dry while showering
4) Cleaning out the drains is not as complicated as I/we thought it would be
5) Walking the yard a couple of times a day can be quite funny to watch since my sense of balance is somewhat off from the pain meds
6) Letting other people take care of me, the house, and the dogs is very important. It's been a LONG time since I've been "incapacitated" like this and it's always been hard for me to ask other people to do things for me, but I'm getting better at it.
7) Sleeping most of the day is a necessity at least for this first week. After this week I bet I'll be able to stay awake for longer stretches of time but until then I love watching the inside of my eyelids. :)
8) Last but not least I've really learned that I have a fabulous support system around me and am beyond grateful for that.

So I'm healing well and forging ahead. Taking it easy and listening to my body. Thank you for all the well wishes, the cards, and the flowers. Everything is beautiful!

Cindy & Susan: Been wrapped up in your fabulous blanket since I've been home. Perfect!

Currently I'm feeling: Sleepy but comfortable. Pain meds are starting to kick in
Procrastinating: hahha, pretty much everything cause I'm not allowed to do anything but rest
Reading: Still looking for a good book
Watching: FOX4 News
Doing to make me smile: Going to get another cup of coffee then nestle back down into the chair and quite possibly doze off

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  1. Letting people help you can be soooooo hard. Good for you that you are being gracious about it.

    Can I recommend a book? I know reading is such a personal thing. By David Ebershoff. 'The 19th wife'. It's brilliant.