Om Namah Shivaya


Monday, August 30, 2010

watch out world...i'm grumpy and irritated and...

nauseous and worn out and just plain skeeved off. I like to think that I'm a pretty good person all around. Sure like any other spiritual being trying to make it's way in this craziness we call a world...a life...I definitely have my moments. Some good, some not so good, some I wish I could do over, and some I'm glad to have experienced. But as a general rule I think I'm a pretty good person all around. So why is it on days like this I just feel like I can't catch a break. All I'm trying to do is "dot all my i's" and "cross all my t's", love my husband, bring the Drum Line to victory, see the Band succeed, balance the six personal goals I've got hurling out in space around me while maintaining it all with a flash and a smile. So why can't the universe just give me a break today of all days.

Chemo #5 was this past Friday if you hadn't heard; we were graced with our favorite nurse, Sue, and it was again fairly uneventful. I slept the weekend away pretty much, reserving my strength for this week ahead but had I known I would have needed it all for today I would've slept more!

There have been many times over the course of my teaching career that I have had to compromise for whatever reason. I like to think that I know the definition of compromise. In a nut shell it's the idea of give and take. 50/50. You get some of what you want while giving up a bit, and I get some of what I want while giving up a bit. Then *WHY* oh dear reader out there in cyberspace, WHY am I continuing to get screwed on this matter?! Why do I have to keep explaining the same thing *over and over and over and over* to an adult who should know better? Why?!?!

Maybe it's because I'm female, or white, or blonde (okay currently bald), or maybe it's the fact that I like to wear high heels, makeup and skirts...who knows. What I do know is this, I am about ready to freak out on some people if I don't get what I was promised back in July.

Here's the deal, cause I gotta get it out...I gotta get off my heart and off my mind so maybe I can see a different point of view and move through to a solution. We're talking about the age old argument between Music and Sports. Raise your hands and yell "That's Me!" if you believe kids should be able to do both. Raise your hands and yell "That's me!" even louder if you *know* kids who have done both! Right. That's my point. It can be done! If you doubt me read about this kid from De Soto high school For me the proof is in the pudding when you look at my Drum Line and know that four of those guys have played football and marched Drum Line for 3 years, and another for 2. Now I feel as though they are being told they must choose. What?! Why?! Choose between two things they love? Now that's just wrong. I don't want them to have to *choose* between one or the other...That thought makes my heart hurt.

So here's where the arts of communication, and compromise come into play. With a little communication between all parties involved, and all sides compromising where it matters, everyone is happy. Everyone gets to have a great season, and most importantly the kids get to do two (or more) things that they love. So come on...COMPROMISE WITH ME! Realize that in the grand scheme of the season and school year, what I'm asking you for is not much at all! You get to practice around 5 days a week for at least 2 hours at a time...I'm asking for ONE day after school that I can have a 2 hour rehearsal with my FULL LINE (Football boys included). Yes you have lots and lots of games to prepare for, the District Title to grab, and that ever magical "State Trophy" to obtain. We have a "I" Superior rating at Raytown to defend, and the elusive "1st place Drum Line" trophy at Carrollton to obtain. How can we do that without any rehearsal? Why won't you help us get there?

Don't make the kids choose. I'm not going to. Help me make it work because it can.


  1. That's crap....I split my time between dance and drum line and there was never a problem. Even the football boys were able to practice with the band when they needed.

  2. I knew a girl who was in sports and drumline with my daughter and one or the other tryed to make her choose. Her mom went clear to the MSHSAA about it and they told all parties involved that they couldn't make her choose and they couldn't penalize her for whatever event/etc. she chose to do if they had a time/date conflict.