Om Namah Shivaya


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

halfway through the week of chemo and school...i'm done...

Made it through Wednesday. Honestly I would have much preferred to have stayed in bed all day but as long as I can move at half speed and still get the job done I'm not gonna take a day cause I might need them later. Playing a short round of fetch w/the dogs, hoping to wear Buck out in record time so I can go take a nap here soon and probably won't move from the chair till it's time for bed. I just hope Tim gets his rear in gear and works through the list of house chores cause I'm tired of looking at the mess. It'd also be nice to not have to cook dinner tonight. *whatever* I'm just grumpy and tired. Peace. Nap time.

Currently I'm feeling:
I'm tired and feeling like a pity party is on the horizon.
Procrastinating: Everything cause I just need to sleep
Reading: Still need a suggestion on a good book to read
Watching: Oprah is on but I'm getting ready to watch the inside of my eyelids
Doing to make me smile: Take a nap

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