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Sunday, August 8, 2010

I dont want the rest of the day to go by without saying thank you

too all my friends and family who came to the race today, and especially to my kids on the Drum Line. You are the light that keeps me going, and I will be forever grateful for that. Let's keep Drummin' for the Cure this year and see where it takes us!Thank you to:
My husband Tim for giving me an entire weekend and being very helpful. I love you with all my heart Peter!
Jim and Karen my inlaws for the awesome banners
My mom and dad, Ione and Del for being there with me and helping with the booth at school
My sister Julia for taking such amazing photographs and spending time with me. It's been awesome.
Romanda, Dan, and Thomas for being there today, nothing warms my heart more than hearing the yell of "Emmie to Emmie!" :)
My awesome friend Dana! Hi Dana! Love you!
My friend Cathy: thank you for taking the time out of your busy day
Foster for wearing my shirt; nothing better than a guy in a pink shirt with a high heel on the front :)
Angie, Anne, Heather, and Stacie: So good too see you and I hope you made it through the 5K okay! Love you girls!

Thank you to all the parents who hung out with the kids while they performed and for Mrs. Baker helping us unload equipment back at school.

**Pictures too come**

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