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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

what a week so far and school hasn't even started yet!

what a run to the start line it's been so far! Or, rather, maybe I should say what a painful body haul it's been to the start line, at least for me. I know I pushed this weekend, and I know it caught up to me on Tuesday...but I'd do it all over again in a heart beat.

If you weren't around lately to read, this weekend was the back to School Parade and Rally combined with 3 Trails Day (like a school carnival), and The Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. I was actively involved in both. Of course the Band & Drum Line marched in the parade
and performed at the rally, but I also had a table set up upstairs (thanks Mom and Dad!) to "peddle my wares", as it were, and hand out literature about breast cancer. Early detection, monthly self exams, yearly exams, mammograms, catching it early, etc...ya know, the basics. Karen & Mom made the banner (which totally rocks) and that was off to the side. I talked to a lot of folks, convinced a lot of young girls to feel the fake little boobie to try and find the three lumps...I hope an impression was made on them. Really had the opportunity to have a chat with our board president, Bonnaye Mims, and April Cushing. They are quite engaging women; I look forward to working with them in the future. It was a good day.

Sunday was the Race for the Cure sponsored by the Susan G. Komen foundation. It was beyond awesome. The whole scene was indescribable and the fact that my Drum Line was jammin' out on 20th & Main with a crowd the whole time and about $200 in donations raised was just icing on the cake.

Monday began the "Professional Development" part of my school year commence. It's a double edged sword, especially when you don't feel good. I understand that it's a lot of info that our district is either required by law to go over, or it's info pertaining to the start of the school year, things you need to know, blood borne pathogen video to watch....but sometimes it can just be so mind numbing...especially when you don't feel good. I felt like I was walking through water all day Monday; "half a bubble off" as my hubby would say, and I felt completely worthless. It wasn't until after we got home from dinner with the family and started toward bed that I started to even out. But then Buck woke me up at 3am and the nausea fairy had definitely visited me in my sleep...ugh. I took an Ativan and went back to bed. Hour and a half, two hours later I'm up for school and the Ativan did *not* do what it was supposed to do...damn. So I pull out a Compazine, second in line in nausea defense, and prepare myself for battle. The battle isn't between me and the pill, it's between me and even the teensiest bit of water it's going to take to get it down. I don't what it is about me and drinking water in the morning that don't get along. Even back to junior high, if I had water in the morning I was guaranteed to puke it up. So, you're probably asking "Why did you drink water with it then?" and the answer is simply this...I can't dry swallow those pills when I'm nauseous, and the out of the other available liquids I had on hand, water was going to hurt the least coming back up. So it's the lesser of two evils if you will.

Anyhoo, I started my morning Tuesday with a long and prolonged prayer to the porcelain god but pushed through to get myself dressed and my sister to the airport. All I was thinking on the way to the airport (as I was trying to choke down a protein drink and a croissant) was, "How in little baby Jesus's name am I going to make it through this day?", and that was right about the time Julie asked if I'd like her to drive cause "You look a little green". Oy. Dropped her off at the airport and hugged her goodbye. Got back in my car and about had a "moment", if you will, but thankfully it passed. I finally decided I just couldn't do it. I flipped through my phone and called one of my principals to say "I just can't do it today". I got home around 730 or so, crashed on the couch and didn't get up until about 230. I managed to stay awake until about 8pm I think. I guess that's what I get for pushing too hard the weekend immediately following a chemo treatment. Point taken. Lesson learned. Thanks Universe, won't be doing *that* again.

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