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Thursday, May 27, 2010

things that suck...

haha....this shall be my ongoing post of things that suck. at any moment at any time I will post to this.

*finding a lump
*being told it's breast cancer
*knowing that we haven't even begun this journey
*knowing I'm going to lose my hair
*the uncertainty around it all
*knowing that I'm not going to be able to do everything I want to do this marching season
*feeling helpless
*being pissed off at the universe
*not being able to do hot yoga during chemo
*knowing that cancer terms are about to become an embedded part of my vocabulary
*having to have to tell everyone from my principal down to my kids
*the fact that it's still dirty dog time of the year...I'm tired of dirty dog time!!!! hahahaha!!
*the fact that my hubby had a cold sore right now and so I can't get any kisses
*the fact that I think I'm getting a cold sore
*the fact that I start chemo next Friday
*the fact that I'm going to lose my hair...
*taking the first chemo drug last night
*realizing that chemo day is here
*not being able to go for a run because my biopsy site is still a touch tender
*not knowing how I'm going to feel when I get home today
*being officially bald
*the body aches
*the nausea
*having to avoid crowds
*having to do my own freaking pedicures
*waking up at 530 on a Sunday morning feeling nauseous
*the fatigue (although I am a big fan of naps anyways so this is slightly okay)

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  1. Here are a few other things that suck to add to your list.
    (just in case you run out of things that suck ; - )

    Exploding suppositories
    Elvis lookalikes
    The Plague
    Crapping your pants
    Male Thongs
    Vacuum Cleaners
    Smelling a fart (someone else’s)
    Finding out you’re out of toilet paper, after…
    Badly made tattoos
    Breaking a key inside the lock
    When someone sneezes and it sprays…
    Returning from vacation trips
    Taking your car to the mechanic
    Dropping something in the toilet
    Calling Customer Service/Tech Support

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