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Thursday, May 27, 2010

mother trucker...good bye Granite City

Damn. She told me something I didn't want to hear; I can't work at Granite City while going through chemotherapy. *sigh* that sucks big time. I know, I know, I life is more important than a job...I have my whole life to work...I shouldn't worry about the money...well folks *NEWS FLASH* I do worry about those things and I KNOW (*trust me* I KNOW) my life is more important than a job..and it's not so much the job I'm going to miss as the people; my regulars and my friends. I was really honestly hoping that bartending would be one of those *normal* things I could hold onto throughout this whole experience.

What the truck am I gonna do on the weekends for six months?


Today's the day. My last shift at GC behind the bar until I'm done with chemo and I'm released by my doctor to go back and have my "triumphant return". This is gonna be weird. It was already weird enough yesterday having to tell some of my regulars what was going on and *why* I wouldn't be back behind the bar. Pete cried, Rick and Linda looked shocked, and Ben was dumbfounded.

I am truly going to miss bartending at GC. It was one of those things that even though it could be a pain in the rear at times, and other times I was so tired from working 7 days a week I could scream, it was one of those things that I really truly enjoyed doing. I never lied when I said "I do this for fun. If it wasn't fun, I wouldn't do it".

*sigh* I'm gonna miss you GC; Dana....take good care of the bar while I'm gone. <3

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