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Monday, May 24, 2010

"I gots the cancer but what kind?"

So people have been asking me all the questions that pertain to having breast cancer. What type, what size, prognosis, etc, etc, here ya go folks! Here's the 411 on my boobie tumor! (I'm gonna name it...still thinking on that one so if you have an idea please share!)

Size: 1.6cm

Stage: 1c (this is VERY good. early detection)

Prognosis: It's gonna be one hell of a year, but prognosis is good. I'm gonna kick it.

Type: As of right now my tumor is diagnosed as "Triple Negative". What does that mean? You ask?

(Colleen: Please correct anything I might have wrong in here...thanks :)

**There are 3 indicators/markers they test a breast cancer tumor for. The first two are whether or not it is estrogen or progesterone reliant. If it is ER/PR positive then they can do hormone therapy on me. If it is ER/PR negative it means chemo. So there's the first two negatives. Second indicator/marker they test is called the "Her-2-neu" test. I hope I've spelled that correctly. If this comes back negative (which mine did) then this means that they are going to be more aggressive w/the chemo treatments...Joy...Now, they are going to run the Her-2-neu test again through a more sophisticated test called the "Fish", or perhaps the "Phish" test. If the Her-2-neu comes back positive through the Fish/Phish test, then they can treat me with the chemo drug Herceptin which would be more of a *targeted* chemo drug. If it comes back negative again then it's more of an all over aggressive chemo treatment....So there's the three "negatives".

I know you're jealous. Go on, admit it. You wish you could be like me right now don't you...Ha! I knew it! ;)

So that's the skinny on the boobie tumor. We are still in the process of testing and determining exactly everything about it and will hopefully find out the plan of attack this coming Thursday.

I'll keep you posted!

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