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Monday, May 24, 2010

Boobie gel and sonograms

So today was the first day of tests. First up, three vials of blood drawn to test for various things. With all the CBC's, and ABC's the nurse rattled off I felt like I was stuck in a PD meeting with someone talking about AYP, PBTE, HSTW, QAR's, PLC, and BLT's with the bacon on the side!

She did a good job though. Just a slight prick and no bruising to speak of...although the lady at the other clinic didn't even prick me. I was watchin' her and everything. This gal, I had to turn away...I'm just sayin'.

After the blood draw, I went back downstairs into the Breast Imaging suite. This is where the fun began. I got to sit and tap on my fun netbook for a minute or two (feeling very cool and trendy but not understanding a damn thing I was trying to do), when the gal called me back to the "Gown Room". Oooooo....I get a gown?!?!?!?!?! I think I rocked it. Don't you? ;)

I was then ushered into the "Gowned Waiting Room"...this just gets more awesome by the minute! ahaha! Shortly after I was taken by a very nice gal to a "Sonogram Suite" (I just absolutely love the names in this place. Makes me feel like I should be at the spa). She very nicely told me what she was going to do, then squirted me with sonogram gel and went to town. It's so odd isn't it. I really thought that the next medical journey in my life would be having kids. I honestly thought that if I were to ever have sonogram gel squirted on any part of my body it would have been my belly and yet here I sit having had two sonograms in about three weeks. Both on my boobies. Weird.

After a lot of time on the right side, and I think about 35 pictures taken, she moved over to the left and the fantastic news there is that there is nothing to be seen in my left breast. Hallelujah! She did go back to the right again and looked closer at a few areas, and came to determine that there is a lymph-node that is slightly enlarged/swollen and irregular in shape. This could be due to anything. The fact that I had surgery a week and a half ago, there could be more cancer in there, or it could be this way because I currently have a brush cut on my thumb (from the spinning brushes at work behind the bar in the sink). SO...we have a lymph-node biopsy scheduled for next Tuesday, June 2nd, in the morning.

I'm not worried. Don't you be. It'll all be okay.

I then moseyed (yes I did just use the word mosey ;) up to the 2nd floor where I met a wonderful lady by the name of Lynn Myrzenski (I sincerely hope I have spelled her name correctly). She was fantastic. Warm, inviting, funny, and very intelligent. She gave me such a wealth of knowledge from reputable sources that the bag was so heavy the bag almost ripped! She was so funny...she would pull out brochures/books and while handing it too me say "You really need a book on Chemotherapy but don't read it. Oh no, don't read it. It'll scare you to death!" Hahahahaha!!!

Too funny...but yet I definitely agree. You see, I had decided to put all of the information given to me by Ruth (Dr. Connor's have to get to know these people's names and who they are because I'm quite certain that I will be on a first name basis with them very very soon and you have to know who they are too so you can keep up with the story) :) into the binder I made for myself. I did this Sunday at work while it was slow in the morning. I then started flipping through it and read about Chemotherapy for a while. I hope you never have to read about that. It was almost like a bad car wreck at don't really want to look but you have too and then you freak yourself out. Yep. That's what happened. I finally had to tell Dana to take it away from me, that I had to put it up. Haven't cracked it since. ;)

Anyways, Lynn was fabulous and she even had a book she thought would help me with starting "Drummin' for a Cure; The Stout Foundation". (That's copyrighted peeps, ;) don't you forget it). Can't wait to go through some of her material and meet her again, she was great.

So tomorrow is the Bone Scan and CAT scan. The first I get injected with dye, the second I have to drink a Barium solution. What's that? You're jealous that I get to be injected with what I think they said was radioactive dye and drink Barium? Phish-tosh! I don't believe you.....okay, okay...I admit. It is going to be pretty darn cool if I glow when we go to bed tomorrow night. I'll take pictures just for you. :)

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  1. You look so AWESOME in that robe... you totally rocked it!