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Friday, December 31, 2010

Goodbye 2010 hello 2011...

Roughly 17 hours from now we'll all be popping the champagne, getting a kiss or two, throwing confetti in the air, watching the boys set off fire crackers and yelling "Happy New Year!" to the world.  

New Year's Eve is that ultimate time for reflection.  It's our chance to look back on the year we just lived and make plans for the year about to happen.  It's the turning of a leaf, the bending of a page, the closing of a chapter, the finishing of a book.  Never before have I looked back on a year and thought "Damn I'm glad to leave that behind me!" but I'm sure glad that 2010 is rapidly coming to a close and this journey of breast cancer is over.  10 months go I found the lump, 7 months ago I was diagnosed, 6 months ago I started chemo, 2 months ago I had my breasts removed, and 4 days ago I had my permanent implants put in place of the tissue expanders...what a wild ride and yet what a fortunate one as well.

As I reflect back on the year I have just lived and marvel at the speed at which it passed me by, I do have some goals for 2011 to put down.

1) To practice yoga daily again
2) To make more interesting dinner's
3) To be ever present in the moment and the stillness within
4) To get back to being the wife I was before cancer
5) To give my all to everything I do
6) To live life to the fullest

This year there's nothing really that I want to "give up"; I feel I gave up a LOT this past year and it's time to get some of it back.  I just want to focus on me, Tim, our life, our friends, my job, my family, and my health and within all that I want to "Strive for progress, not perfection".  

So whatever you do tonight, whether you go to a big grand party downtown in a ballroom dressed to the nines, or party in your PJ's with friends, remember to be *safe*, *happy*, and *thankful*.  I hope to see all of you in 2011!  Happy New Year!

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  1. Happy New Year dear Emily - I too am glad to see 2010 in the rear view mirror.

    May 2011 be happy and healthy for both of us!