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Friday, December 10, 2010

"A Candy Cane Reindeer's Christmas Adventure"

I opted out of the annual girl's ornament exchange last night because I wasn't feeling the best (I didn't think anyone would want to sit next to me while I was constantly blowing my nose) but I sent my candy cane reindeer party favors with a friend because and this is what I found on my facebook page this afternoon from my friend Bonnie.

Dear Emily-
I wanted you to know that my reindeer had such a fun evening. He hung out on my water glass and enjoyed the party from his rim. There was a tiny issue when the waitress tried to drown him...but he survived..and survived he did! He snuck onto my scarf with his sparkly green antler and jumped into every picture before I even noticed. He also saw all of the plaza lights before jumping into my coat pocket. He slept there. He was awakened by a big black Scoutie nose and started ringing his jingle bell as loudly as possible and I came to his rescue. He rode shot gun this morning all the way to Cerner and has spent a full day job shadowing and meeting my colleagues. He has asked that he stay the environment is much safer...(hence the drowning and the dog tonsil view). He hangs out in my cubical now and is grateful for his adventures!!

I've been making these little guys since I was 16 I believe. I'm 32 now, so half my life. Every year the pile grows just a little bit more as I get such a kick out of giving them to people. Over the years they haven't changed much; it's still a candy cane with a pipe cleaner twisted around a pencil for antlers and googly eyes w/a pom-pom for a nose glued on, but they all have their individual quirkiness. This year in honor of my battle with breast cancer I gave them pink noses instead of the normal "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer" noses, and a few years ago added a bell for a festive jingle!

I know that my husband thinks I am absolutely *nuts-o* for making as many as I do each year and I *know* I'm crazy now because I made 400! get a message like this from a friend, to know that my high school kids are giddy with anticipation for Sunday afternoon so they can get theirs, to know that my 5th graders faces are going to just *light up* when they get theirs next week, and to see family, friends, and co-workers with them stacked up on their desk or bookshelf, or somewhere at home...that's what makes it all worth it.

So keep your ears perked for the jingle of little candy cane reindeer as they make their way up and down the hallways of my school's, and may their jingle be heard loud across the world as they come out from their careful hiding places to adorn Christmas tree's (and I'm sure maybe a Menorah or two ;). I'm glad you all enjoy them, and if I miss you this year you'll be in the pile next year!

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