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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Boy how this week has flown!

I was really anticipating a long, painful and slow feeling week at school. Mainly because that's how I feel after any type of time off. Remarkably though, it has flown by at a speed that amazes me. Two weeks till Winter Break! Eek! So exciting! :)

Lots and lots to do this weekend and I think I'm feeling up to the challenge. Have to go through my entire wardrobe and do the yearly cleaning out, need to put my clean laundry AWAY, need to start the cookie's and put up Christmas decorations (while watching "A Christmas Story" :), take the
spacers out and sweep the floor, finish up some laundry and hopefully get a workout in. I'd also like to go to Lowe's this weekend and buy the carpet and paint so the coupons that came in the mail don't get wasted. Whew! That's quite the list but I'm looking forward too it.

I'm allowing myself until about 9 o'clock, then I gotta get going. This last expander appointment is hurting more than I had expected *and* it's all on the front this time which is different from all the other fills which have made my back hurt. We still have one more to go, then the darn things have to sit for 4 weeks before they can be swapped out with the permanent implants. So much for ringing in the New Year with new tatas and a *true* end to this journey. Oh well, it is what it is.

Currently I'm feeling: Aside from the chest pain I feel great. My energy returns a bit each day.
Procrastinating: Nothing at the moment. I still have an hour before I need to start.
Reading: Ken Follet's "Fall of Giants", also "Best Friends", and "Out of the Blue"
Watching: Eclipse
Doing to make me smile: Working on *my* to-do-list today

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