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Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy SNOW DAY!!!

Snow Day!  Two words a public school teacher loves to hear, but also despises at the same time.  We love to hear it because it's a **Snow Day!** who doesn't love a snow day?!?!  We do despise it though because if you're like me you are now wide awake after getting the numerous "robo-calls" from the district and checking the TV closings, so it's gonna be a b!tch to fall back asleep.  We also despise snow days because now the school year has become but better to be safe than sorry.  

My bet?  Snow day tomorrow, and possible late start Wednesday morning.  Snowing all day long through the night for a total of 6-8"...yep...I'm bankin' on a snow day tomorrow, then too damn cold Wednesday morning for the lil chitlins' to be standing at the bus stop.  Those are my guesses, we'll see what happens.

Until then, I'll  drink the rest of my coffee and hopefully fall back asleep then I'll hold down the fort while Tim is out dealing with the snow...I should see him sometime on Tuesday.

Happy Snow Day!!

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