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Friday, January 21, 2011

Getting back into shape is a real pain in the rear

but it's nice to be able to feel that pain again *and* it's even better that I have the ENERGY needed to inflict that pain upon myself again.  My friends classify me as a "workout nut", I prefer the word *enthusiast* thank you very much, and they're right...I am, I was, and I'm getting there again.  

It was a gradual decline in activity as the chemo sucked more of my energy away then one day I just didn't have the "get up and go" to do anything but sleep and eat.  When I didn't even want to do a simple 20minute yoga tape in the morning was when I knew the chemo had won...for the time being.  For a girl who was used to working out for at least an hour, 5 days a week, it was *really* hard to accept the fact that my body just needed to rest...*I* just needed to rest.  I've never heard such an argument in my head (yes everyone, I have voices in my head...we all do).  I remember one evening walking back and forth between my room and the bathroom debating over a yoga practice and a hot bath.  I finally had to look in the mirror, yell "SHUT UP!" to the argument taking place in my head and go downstairs to take a nap.  

With the help of Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper I am sweating my way back into shape.  If you haven't tried any of their DVD's, you're missing out.  Kettlebell workouts ROCK and they both offer different levels of craziness within their dvd's.  My tone is returning, the jiggle is disappearing, and the soreness is disappearing.  All in all this is a good thing.  
Now, if we can get my car fixed today I'll really be in business!

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