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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

And another snow day begins...

Lots of snow on the ground (for KC) and bitterly cold temps outside made for another snow day.  What to do, what to do...*laugh*, who am I kidding there's PLENTY to do around here.  What's on your list today?  Here's mine:

Bath, yoga, sweep and mop entire house, polish wood floors, dust everything, paint Tim's bathroom (which also means it will get cleaned by default), fold ALL laundry *and* put away, clean off pool table since I don't want to put anything back up on the walls till we get the glaze done and I'm tired of the mess, play with the dogs in the snow, go hang with Stace and the twins, another bath, another workout, get the gluten free slow cooker lasagna in the crockpot (wonder how *that* will turn out), and fix the few items of clothing that need fixing (mostly sewing buttons back on, one hem to fix). 

I think I can get it all done and possibly even throw in a nap.  Don't believe me?  Time me...

 Currently I'm feeling: Fabulous. Today is a good day.
Procrastinating: Nothing.  As soon as I post this I'm getting up and starting my list...with a bath.
Reading: Just finished a book about the Mayan and 2012, might re-read one of my favorites.
Watching: Fox4 news
Doing to make me smile: Having a snow day to put the house back into order and work on myself.


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  1. aside from one or two minor things yet to be done, i'm finished! gonna take a nap then work on the sewing over dinner.