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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Thank you GC management, staff, regulars, and patrons!

Today is the day folks. Granite City Food and Brewery located at I-29 and Barry Road in the Zona Rosa shopping center is putting on a fundraiser for Tim and I. 20% of your final bill (*if* you choose to participate) will be donated to us. All you have to do is come on in, tell your server/bartender you want to participate, then eat and drink! The Brunch is awesome, Bloody Mary's and Mimosa's are on special (can you say all you can drink mimosa's for $8?!?!) and the staff rocks. You can ONLY get Brunch from 10-11, but it runs until 2. There's a stadium menu for when the games start (around 1...the pretzels are wicked good and you can't beat 1/2 price pizzas!), and of course the fine hand-crafted BEER is to die for!

I began working for GC the day they opened, what it's been almost six years now?! Wow. Crazy. I've been in the restaurant industry since I was 18 (thank you Pancho's for giving me the chance and Free State Brewery for refining my skills), and have loved (okay okay it definitely is a love/hate relationship) every minute of it. It was my third year of teaching when I took a friend to the airport and passed by the Zona shopping center where numerous new restaurants were being built and noticed a big banner for Granite City Food and Brewery. My first thought was: "Huh, a Brewery...I've done that before...could be fun". Then on my way back from the airport I thought "Ya know. Tim's in a tree every weekend until it snows and Christmas is right around the corner...why not get a second job here and earn $$ for Christmas gifts?!" Within a half an hour I had a job as a server (Thanks Bob! Still miss your face!!) and then the realization hit that not only was I *back* in the restaurant industry but that I was also now a two job person...something I'd never done before.

So thus began my relationship as being the "weekend warrior", as I was dubbed by some of the early management staff, with Granite City. Then when the opportunity came about for me to become the weekend day bartender I grabbed at it because that had always been my ultimate goal in the restaurant bartend.

I enjoyed about 3 1/2 or 4 years of it I think...time flew by so quickly I don't remember how much time I spent behind the bar. Maybe it was the fun of the job, but mostly probably the fact I was working 7 days a week...ha! Anyways, I loved working there, loved all the managers that came through that place (Kurt,RJ, Julie, Gabe, Mike, Mike, and Mike ha!, Chad, J, Carlos, Jeff (MISS YOU JEFF!), and all the others), loved who I worked with (HI Dana!, Rachel, Hupp, Joe, Charlie, among many others), and yes even loved the gritchy kitchen staff (Hi Jared, Yewell, Jr., Bob and the rest!)...oh my goodness and how in the *world* can I forget about Wilson?!?!?! HI WILSON!!!

To my regulars (forgive me if I miss a name or two)...Teddy (what are we fighting today?), Pete (NLight or Wheat today?) Ted (Ice Tea with two pinks?), Jason (Raspberry tea with lots of lemons on the side), Ron (always a Bennie), Loretta (glass of red wine?), the Platte Co. Martini drinkin' girls, BEN (Yo Doctor!), Pat (IPA for you sir?), the Hebert's (raspberry NLight?), David and Angela (Shiraz and a 2Pull w/a pizza today?) Jada and her crew, Mayor, Gov and the many more that I can't think of right now but I appreciate you all and miss seeing all your faces each weekend.

All of these people have seen me through many years of my life and listened to my trials and tribulations behind the bar. They each hold a special place in my heart and dearly miss seeing them all each and every weekend. Thank you to all of you (from staff to regulars) making my years at Granite City behind the bar such a fun time and a fulfilling time in my life; and one last time, thank you thank you THANK YOU for everyone who comes out to participate today and helps donate to Tim and I. We can't thank you enough, we're humbled beyond words, and we look forward to being able to pay it forward someday. I only wish that I could be behind the bar doing what I do.


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