Om Namah Shivaya


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Oh I can't wait for Friday!

For numerous reasons of course. We don't have a football game so it's nice knowing it can be a regular day and hopefully end with some girl time. Tim finally leaves on his hunting trip and I can't wait for him to go. He needs this, he needs this break from life for a while.

Dear hunting spirits that all reside above, *please* wave your magic wand and let my husband have a wonderfully relaxing, restorative, and successful trip. Let him come back with a smile on his face and peace in his mind and of course with pictures of his elk that he kills. Please oh Please let it be this year! Thank you.

But none so important as this is the last chemo!!! The.Last.Chemo! Did you hear me people? It's finally on the horizon. This journey is (from what I understand) almost halfway over. Only *one* more week of feeling icky and nauseous and like I don't want to eat anything. One more week of crash naps as soon as I get home from school, raw pukey throat, and sandpaper mouth. One more week....*whispers* one.more.

Oh sweet baby Jesus I can't wait! Come on Friday! I'm ready! Let's Go! *Woot!*Woot!*

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