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Monday, September 6, 2010

Enjoying the fruit of my labors...

Labor Day weekend, and what a glorious one at that. This was the first Labor Day weekend that I was able to *really* enjoy the entire weekend, because I wasn't working, in I don't know how long. I didn't have to tend bar all weekend long (after teaching all week mind you), logging endless miles as I walked from well to fridge, and sink to well. Back bar, Front bar, ninety-one and ninety-two...whew! makes me worn out just remembering it!

I started the weekend off with my first football game at school (2nd overall). It was a beautiful day and turned into a gorgeous night. Aside from a rocky start w/the Drum Line (of which I forgive them, because after all, I wasn't there the week prior so how were they supposed to know what to do? ;) we quickly took the field and performed Pre-Game. Ahhhh, the National Anthem. The school's Color Guard comes strutting across back field, behind the band, (that was a new one; never seen a Color Guard go to the back but it looked quite nice) where they presented the colors. The Drum Major brought the band to attention and raised her arms. I have to be honest and tell you that I instinctively tensed as the approach of the first note raced forward with every swing of the drum major's arms because truth be told we've never been very good at the National Anthem. Don't get me wrong, the kids could play it. I'd heard them a gazillion times in the Band Room rehearsing it and it sounded beautiful. I've even heard it out on the practice field sound really really good; but something *always* happened when it came time to do it in front of the crowd. They froze or got scared and forgot what they were playing or hell maybe they just didn't care, but my point is it wasn't always the best rendition if you know what I'm saying.

Anyways, the drum major was finished with the three prep beats and it was time for the band to enter *oh baby jesus all wrapped up in swaddling clothing PLEASE let this sound good!*...and by goodness it gave me goosebumps. :) It was just about the right blend of all the sections, all the layers of music blended into a great marching band sound. *Sigh* It was gonna be a good night.

I spent the first quarter getting the percussion section settled down, jackets zipped up "For the love of all that's holy! Just zip up your jacket!!", stadium stands settled in, pulses checked, questions answered...whew! I need to sit down! Second quarter found me flitting around through the band, bald as all get out, listening to them play, down in front taking video and pictures, talking to parents and soaking up the gorgeous air.

Finally it was halftime. They got up to get lined up and I watched them all carefully start down the stairs (the logic of putting the drums at the top still escapes me but whatever) "Don't trip! Be careful!"..."Don't squash the clarinets, bass drums! Watch out!!" Fun times. :) The kids marched their halftime show the best they can right now. The sound is different from last year. A little more solid, a little more blended, and a little more balanced. I think I've even gotten the Drum Line to realize and apply the concept of dynamics!! *Gasp!* I know right? I'll give it a second to let *that* one sink in ;)

So the sound is a bit more on the plus side this year...the feet...oy. They're not horrible but there's *definitely* room for improvement. Overall awareness of where one is within the form would be helpful as well. Oh and the girl in the flute section who just walks the entire time and looks like she would rather be anyone else but right there? *Cough* Yeah, you. You know who you are...please, if you're going to pretend could you at least make the effort to get your feet in time? It would make life SO much easier and wouldn't hold the band back. Thanks.

Nothing major to report about the actual weekend. Saturday morning dawned clear and cool. Spent most of the morning lazing around but managed to get the entire house spotlessly clean in under six hours...nice. That was a good day.

Sunday was just as any Sunday should be, but of course throw in the added minor crises and it's truly a Sunday in my world.

Then Monday came...oh glorious Labor Day. That sacred day off from school that I *so* looked forward to every year because it meant a break from BOTH my jobs...but this year I felt slightly guilty; I mean, I'm supposed to *labor* on Labor Day! I'm the one who always stayed home and picked up everyone else's shifts while they went on the canoe trips, the float trips, the road trips, or had a BBQ. Although I *did* have Drum Line rehearsal from 10-12 on Monday, I was able to enjoy a BBQ and some wine Monday afternoon. It was so weird but nice. Oh yes. Very nice.

So for that, stupid cancer, I am thankful. I am thankful that you have forced me to slow down because it has brought me back to the stillness inside. I am thankful that you have tested my sense of self, beauty, and who I am by taking away my hair because it has forced me to look beyond what's on the surface; and I am thankful for the opportunity you have provided me with of looking at my life through a different lens, a different perspective.

Thank you also for allowing me to enjoy the fruit of many years of "labor" and letting me rest on Labor Day :) and with that said, just cause I'm thankful doesn't mean I want you sticking around. Peace.

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