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Friday, April 18, 2014

Post-it, anyone?

Ever since this crazy journey into parenthood began, I find I only have time for the basics of my life and blogging apparently has not been one seeing as it seen almost a full year since my last post. 

I mean. Let's get real. The most I write daily are the continuous passes on post-its to the bathroom and the nurse for my precious forgetful students who are navigating the perils of middle school.  

Yet here I find myself after a long hiatus with a head full of things to say, changes taking place, stories being rewritten, and not a post-it to be had.  Funny how life can change in the blink of an eye, isn't it.

18 and a half months ago JP changed our world forever and brought us to a place I never imagined, yet I hoped for, and one that I don't think I'll ever understand again because it's so amazing and confusing and frightening and exhilirating all at the same!  

Now, once again my professional life is changing and I couldn't be more thrilled, trepidatious, scared, overwhelmed, and pleased all at the same time.

I say "most likely" because even though the rumor was confirmed, I still don't have a contract in my hand so I don't want to get to far in, ya know?


I am most likely embarking on a journey that is shall test me like never before.  I most likely will be teaching a full class load of strings *and* band...with the potential of no travel.  

Say what. 

Am I *FINALLY* being given the opportunity I've been aching for, for over a decade?  Have I finally been recognized as a strong, competent, organized, successful teacher?  Or is the power of my daily illusion in full force. 

This is going to be my time to shine. My time to prove to MYSELF that I can do this and I can do it well. Time to rid those whispers in the corners of my mind and do what I know how to do so well. 


So there it is. A new chapter is being formed and we have so many good things to look forward to. Our little boy is growing strong and racing towards 2. Our marriage and relationship are approaching significant milestones. We have been through so much and have come out stronger on the other side; and my career is taking yet another twist. 

I can't wait to see how it all plays out. 

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