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Sunday, September 9, 2012

You got an 8lb bowling ball in there? "Nesting", and other end of pregnancy thoughts...

38weeks, 8lb bowling ball
So we had our growth ultrasound last Thursday and everything is right on track.  He is "guesstimated" to be 8lbs right now and everyone looks at me with raised eyebrows and a "Oof" or a "Sheesh! That's one big baby!" when they hear that.  


Since when did an 8lb baby become BIG?  Is this like a size 4 woman being obese?  I mean
really people.  For starters, the sonogram tech could be off.  I've had girlfriends who were told they were going to have an 8lb baby only to pop out a 5lber.  Then there are the women I've read about on the discussion board I frequent who are told their baby is a 6lber, only to pop out a large Thanksgiving turkey!  He will be whatever size he's going to be and I'm going to do my best to get him out the "old fashioned" way. *laugh*

Other than that we're just playing the waiting game.  I have 13 days to go until his anticipated arrival, and am hoping for him to come out in about 8 because my sister, Julie, is going to be here during that time and I just think it'd be *really* neat if she were able to be here for his birth.  Plus we'd get some really wicked cool newborn photos of him with her fancy schmancy camera ;) 

Then, yes, there is the whole comfort-level thing.  While I am uncomfortable as all get out right now, I will admit that the past couple of days haven't been that bad.  I've been feeling good, and gettin' around pretty well.  Sure, there's still the hip twinges down into my legs, the heartburn (which has lessened thank goodness), the heaviness in my nether-regions, and the overall "I'm ready to get him out!" sensation, but I'm good.  
I have taken some steps the past couple of days to make these last few weeks easier on me.  Namely going into Granite City on Friday to tell my manager's "It's been a pleasure; I'll see ya'll in November!"  *laugh*.  I REALLY thought I could make it to the 16th, but I just really think, instead, that stopping now is the better thing to do.  It's been wearing on me, deciding on what to do, and it just hit me on Friday.  "I don't want to work Sunday night at 38weeks, 2days pregnant".  Immediately proceeded by the thought of "I don't want to work the following Sunday at 39weeks, 2days pregnant, *especially* when my sister is in town specifically too see ME".  So, I went in and talked with Angie and just told her I couldn't do it, and she said basically not to worry about it, that she was impressed I'd made it this long, and to let them know when I was ready to come back.  So...yay!  Feels weird sitting here knowing I don't have to go to work this afternoon and that means I have the whole day spread out in front of me to get some more things done around the house :)

Speaking of that...I realize the "Nesting" instinct has kicked in, but for some reason that term really, and I mean *REALLY* irritates me.  I'm a naturally OCD personality when it comes to keeping my house clean & organized anyways, so *why* is it that ANY farking action I do right now has people simpering at me and using that term?  Some of the things I've done are crazy, I grant you that (organizing the recycling bins anyone?), and other things bring up the thought of "It's been sitting there for months so why move it now?", but the thing is that YES, I am trying to get all the last bits of organizing, de-cluttering, cleaning, and whatnot done before JP arrives.  Let's just think of a different term shall we?

The list for today...

Dog blankets washed
Whole house swept fully and steam-mopped
All furniture rubbed down w/almond oil
Soft furniture Febreezed down
Bed stripped, both sets of sheets washed, bed remade
MY bathroom deep cleaned (Tim can take care of his own)
Plants re-potted (this is only a twice a year thing and it's time cause Fall is around the corner)
Laundry that has accumulated through the week washed, dried, and put away
Good-will drop off

I think that's it besides practicing w/the Moby wrap again, a nap, a hot bath and maybe some yoga or P57.  And while some people are looking at that and simpering at me saying "Oooo look!  She's nesting" *vomit*, I look at that list and say, "Yup, that's pretty much standard for a weekend/Sunday's worth of cleaning".  So, let's just say I'm getting ready for the baby and keeping my house at the same level of clean that I always do.

Now Tim?  He's getting some "get ready for baby" projects done as well and it's quite impressive.  He made an *executive decision* yesterday to rip the front porch apart and put it back together.  We've been dealing with it pulling apart and bouncing up, for lack of a better description, for a while now.  He tore it all up to find that the people who lived here before us had tried to anchor wood to CONCRETE, and as is evidenced by a lot of other half-a$$ed projects they did around our house, this one took the cake.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with that concrete pad.  It's in perfect condition and once it's power-washed will look like new!  So now we have a great half concrete-pad, half wood deck in front of our house instead of what was a dilapated looking all wood deck half-a$$ed anchored to concrete.  He's also set up our laundry corner, moved tools out to the garage where they belong, straightened up his garage, and is going to help me install the car mirror and sun shades in my car today.  Plus, and he doesn't know this quite yet, he's going to wash the doggies for me this evening *laugh*.

So, all in all, we're getting ready for Mr. JP to make his arrival into our world and change our life forever.  We just need to buy his swing later this week, wait for Aunt Julie to get here, take some pictures, and relax as best as we can!  Whoop! Whoop!

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