Om Namah Shivaya


Sunday, September 16, 2012


Sitting at 39weeks/1day pregnant and Mr. JP is snug as a bug in a rug inside my tummy.  Yes, there is some dialation, and yes there is a lot of effacement, but he's content to keep hanging out in the mommy hotel (never mind the fact that the eviction notice HAS BEEN SERVED by the owner of the hotel herself ;), so I guess we'll let him *laugh* cause we don't really have much choice do we?

It's been interesting, though, too say the least.  Especially at this stage where everybody from family to friends to coworkers are watching me like I'm some sort of science experiment about ready to explode; which I guess in a way I am! ha!

Tim's about ready to freak out I think, and everyone's on guard.  I feel as if I'm the only one just sitting around like "doop-dee-doop, whatever", but I will admit I'll be one ticked off pregnant lady if I have to get up and go to work on Monday, so come on JP, let's hit it!  And let me acknowledge that I *fully* understand that technically he has one more week to go before his actual "due date", but when you're at the doctor and he puts his money on Sunday & the resident who checked you puts hers on Monday because they're both impressed by your level of effacement as a first time mom, you kinda get excited, especially when they follow it with "You won't make it too your due date".  

Soooo...we'll just sit around and wait till he decides to make his grand appearance into this world!  In the meantime I'll keep cleaning, Tim will keep doing house projects & hunting, and everyone will continue to watch me like I'm a ticking time bomb.

We're ready when you are, JP.  Come on out and greet the world.



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