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Sunday, May 1, 2011

You wanna talk inspiration? These four are it.

State 2011
Throughout this cancer journey, people have told me I'm an inspiration to them.  It's somewhat confusing to me to think that I can *inspire* someone because I don't feel I'm doing anything special.  I'm just being *me*.  Yet, I believe I understand because these four boys inspire me and they're just being *them*, learning their music, working hard, being good people, and navigating the trials and tribulations of adolesence towards the beginnings of early adulthood.  And not only these four, the rest of my percussion section and other students of mine inspire me as well.  

Raytown 2010
Their hard work pushes me to work harder, to choose intriguing music that not only excites them but makes them better at the same time, and to log longer hours in the quest to ensure they become the best versions of their selves that is possible at this stage in the game.  They inspire me to work on my patience and discipline because what I expect out of them I should give in return.  Yet they require me to rule with an iron fist but that has a gentle touch.  The wonderful thing about my job is that I get to touch the lives of students at all levels, this year it was 5th & 8th-12th.  Next year I hope to have time to spread my influence over the 6th and 7th graders as well. 

Who is an inspiration to you in your life or rather, who do you inspire?   

Districts 2011

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