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Friday, April 22, 2011


I'm doing a bit of de-cluttering (let's face it, I've got *way* too much stuff), and instead of donating it for the tax write-off, I am going to *try* to sell these items cause frankly, I could use some cash, let's face it, we all could.  You may contact me through this blog, FB message, or through my gmail;

Hope you find something you love, and keep a look out for more sales like this in the future as I slowly, *slowly* let go of things and de-clutter my life and house.  :)

Brown leather COACH hobo with silver buckle closure on strap.  This is a smaller version.  Perfect for gal who carries just enough stuff to need a purse, wants a COACH, but doesn't want to spend a lot.  $100


I must admit that this is one of my absolute favorite COACH bags.  The color, the look of it and most importantly the *smell*.  It's absolutely divine! *sigh*  I'm paying this gorgeous bag forward because it is just too small for me anymore and it's just hung in my closet for about 2 or 3 years, although now my closet won't be infused with it's heavenly aroma.  $80 (it's a little careworn on the bottom)
 Ah, the "Slim Series" featuring Debbie Siebers, put out by Beachbody I *love* this company;  haven't bought anything from them since "Chalene Extreme" but they are good at what they do.  Getting you into shape.  These were the tapes I used to get into shape for my wedding.  I went from an out of shape 130/135lbs wearing a tight 9/10 to a toned and fit 120lbs wearing a loose 2/4.  It was easy, it was fun, but most of all it was effective.  I know these are VHS, but I highly recommend them if you're wanting to get into great shape, work up a sweat and not bother with the gym. :)  There is one tape missing, "Cool it Off", and I have no idea where it is.  I actually only used it once, then substituted a yoga tape in it's place. $25

 And here's my yoga library.  These are all fabulous tapes, but the truth of the matter is that I haven't used them in *years* because I have different ones, and it's high time someone else got to experience the beginning stages of yoga joy with these videos. $5 a piece

From left to right:
Yoga for Weightloss (hour), Yoga Natural Remedies (separate parts of body, i.e. back, stomach, etc), Lower Body Yoga (20min), Gentle Yoga (20min), Backcare Yoga (20min), Yoga for Athletes (90min), Yoga for Meditation (two separate mediatations), Power Yoga (20min), AM Yoga (20min), Yoga for Flexibility (hour)

 Some more workout tapes ($5 a piece VHS, $10 a piece DVD).  From left to right...
"Power Half Hour for Abs" w/Tony Horton, 20min Windsor Pilates, 50min Windsor Pilates.  "Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Sean Corne": this is a fabulous beginner dvd.  I purchased this after I had been practicing yoga for numerous years, and I learned *so* much about the alignment of my body and linking my breath with the movement; **highly recommed**.  "Balance Ball for Weightloss", "Yoga from the Heart w/Sean Corne", two Shiva Rhea yoga dvd's.  Shiva is a bit out there for my taste.  It's fun yoga, new and different (for me anyways), but just not my cup of tea.  Three "Core Fusion" Exhale Spa dvd's.  I will sell those as a set for $20.  One is full body, one is lower body, one is upper body.

I hope you find something here you can't live without! ;)  Contact me if you're interested in anything.

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