Om Namah Shivaya


Sunday, May 8, 2011

For my Mom

We first met before either knew what the other looked like, 
inextricably linked from the start.
I swelled your belly and took your figure as you gave me life,
while you put your own life on hold for me.
I caused you pain I have no concept of as I was brought into this world,
and caused you a scare from the day of my birth.

Yet you still loved me.

You kissed my scrapes, and listened to me whine,
while just needing a moment in time to yourself.
You navigated me through my childhood with ease, and helped me avoid the pitfalls of adolesence even though I fought you every step of the way.
You let me blossom in high school, always watching with a close eye,
cutting me down to size when I got to big for my britches.

Yet you still loved me.

You sent me to college with a kiss and a prayer
and bit your tongue when it was something you didn't want to hear.
You watched me grow, mature, and love, taking your guidance to the background
but always making sure you were never far away with your love.
I might have done some stupid things along the way, 
in my quest to become a grown-up.

Yet you still loved me. 
I left the nest with the man I was to marry, the love of my life,
as you watched tearfully your baby going. 
You listened to me cry, and vent my frustration(s) over my job,
while reporting the joys of my new life.
The phone kept us linked, like the umbilical cord once did
to record every trip-up, and stumble along the way.
Yet you still loved me.

You poured your love into making my wedding gown
and for that I'm ever grateful, even if it did mean your baby was getting married.
You've helped me navigate many paths in this stage of my life,
and while I may not have always liked the advice, you still love me.
 I gave you another health scare when cancer touched me last May,
I wish I could take that away but your strength carried me through and for that,

 I will always love you.
It's true that a Mother's love knows no bounds, 
Lord knows I've put you through enough in my 32 years.  
Thank you for being you and for being my mother.  
I am who I am today because of your love and guidance.  
I wish everyone could have a mother like you.

Happy Mother's Day

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