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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A short update from *this* Shop-a-holic

I only spent $3.28 today and that was in some spare cash I had in my purse.  I got some fries and an iced tea after PD, on my way to solo rehearsal.  I did make my Monday stop at the 7-11 for some Arizona green tea and Cheezits #WouldLoveALifetimeSupplyofBoth and although these are not clothing purchases, it is an area I can and should cut back in.  

This past weekend was the large shopping trip round.  I don't know how yours plays out but it's about every 3rd shopping trip that the personal items, or "toiletries" need to be replenished and the dog food to be bought.  #WatchOut! That means a trip to Target!!  I wouldn't be surprised if you heard a shriek of pain from our checking account as we stocked up on the necessities.  *laugh* Yet it's a good thing because that has left precious little to which gas must be bought #ThanksGovernment so no shopping for me.

On to the next day...

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