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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Mayan Prophecies & 2012; Join me in making a change in the world however small.


I'm really not kidding when I talk about the winter solstice of 2012.  I'm getting my hands on everything I can read about it and here's what I've basically deduced is going on.  The Mayan's were right, this 5th Sun period we're living in is the most dangerous to be alive. I mean come on, all you have to do is turn on the news each morning to find out that it's true.  Earthquake in Japan anyone?  Tsunmai's?  Heavy flooding? Economic disaster?  Mother nature is thinning the herd peeps, plain and simple, and my belief is that if you want to be around to witness whatever spectacular change is going to take place within us and within the planet, then you better get straight with mother nature and all the divine spirits that reside above. 

That's what I'm doing.

The book that I will be referencing from throughout this blog is one of my favorites when it comes to the Mayan civilization, their prophecies, and what we might be able to expect as this period draws to a close, and a new sun dawns.  The book is titled "The Maya 2012 The end of the world or the dawn of enlightenment? by Gerald Benedict.  Now, as my sister can attest, I can tend to latch onto the bad (remember the killer bees coming up from Mexico back in the 80's?  Oh yeah, she teased me relentlessly over that one), and some of the previous books I read about Dec. 21st, 2012 had me spinning off into the deep end of the cosmos imagining nothing but a terrifyingly painful death that makes all of what we are doing now so incredibly trivial. 

That was until I found the book I mentioned above and a couple others that I am in the process of reading.  For those of you who are sitting there reading this thinking "The Mayan are a long-dead civilization, I don't know what she's talking about, how could an ancient civilization impact our current reality?" let me share a few things with you that are undeniable in their testament.

1) "The Maya are attracting a great deal of attention  There are three principal reasons for this, the first being the approach of the end date of their Long Count calendar, 21 December 2012; the second, that at sunrise on that date, with the cycle of precession completed, there will be an alignment of the planets, the Earth, Sun and Milky Way, which only happens every 26,000 years (I heard the last time this happened was when the Dinosaurs roamed the earth), and thirdly, that the message of the Mayan prophecies is intended for those of us who are living during the years leading to and beyond 2012." (pg. xi)

Did you read that/hear that correctly?  LEADING TO AND BEYOND 2012. 

We're not going to die on Dec. 21st, 2012 folks.  Life for us is not going to stop.  What *is* going to happen is that life #AsWeKnowIt and our #PerceptionOfLife is going to change.  Follow my logic here for a second.  First; you can't argue with the cycle of precession.  This is something the earth was built to do...she is constantly shifting on her axis, and the idea is that when Dec. 21st, 2012 comes about, ol' mother earth has gone as far as she can go in the direction she is turning/shifting, and *has* to go back the other direction.  

Why could this be a problem?  As it stands now our lives are inherently wrapped up in how she rotates on her axis right now and therefore how the energy runs through the poles of the earth.  When she begins to turn back the other way (which will take another 26,000 years to get to the other side) the energy running North-South through the poles will reverse and our technology will crap out.  So therefore our technological life as we know it will cease to exist until the powers that be bring out the newest and best with technology to run off of the pole reversal.  Granted I believe there are probably people in the deepest levels of the government that are already working on this and probably have been for years but we won't find out until it's a freaking crisis because as we *all* know those in the deepest levels of secrecy within the government are *MEN* and men never do anything of importance until it's a freaking crisis; *Man Cold* anyone?  but I digress....

This could also turn out to be a blessing in disguise.  How many hours a day do we spend "hooked into" our technology?  I'll be the first to admit that I'm just as addicted to my phone, computer, facebook, blogging, email, twitter, and my fashion site as the next person.  I'm the one walking down the halls/street texting on her phone or checking facebook because "God forbid" I miss out on someone's status update or tweet.  So within that vein, I'd be okay if all our technology crapped out and we were forced to make face to face connections again; memorize phone numbers, what no speed dial?!,  again to dial using a *gasp* land line on a corded phone! or, have to #WALK over to my friend's house because my car won't start because the computer chip inside has burned out.  

This could be good for all of us.

Secondly; *all* of the civilizations that are wrapped up in the prediction of the winter solstice of 2012 may not exist anymore as we may think about it but the truth is THEY DO.  Think about it for a second.  There are still Mayan descendants living in this world.  Ancient Egyptians?  Yup.  Ancient Chinese?  Oh yeah.  What about the dinosaurs who were "extinguished" so many years ago?  All you have to do is go to Louisiana or your local zoo to see their descendants; #Alligator'sAnyone?  They didn't all die off, that's just Mother Nature thinning the herd, but their way of life definitely changed; and they adapted and changed with it.

Moving on...

2) "The Maya, uniquely, held to a holistic cosmology that inextricably linked religion, astronomy, mathematics and spirituality.  The prophecies perfectly express the combined force of these components and are themselves tied into the calendars and confirmed by the Mayan concept of cyclic time...The Mayans dealt in huge periods of time - which, like the planets themselves, cycled relentlessly only to return to an original 'fixed point' every 26,000 years.  The five different periods, or Suns, into which the 26,000 years was divided, all ended with some kind of catastrophe.  Each separate period...has its own character, or personality, formed by the events that took place during its cycle.  As the periods recur so will the events that characterize them.  It therefore follows that if time cycles, so does history." (pg. xv)

I've really begun to see how time is cyclic and not linear, especially being a teacher it's one constant cycle that repeats itself.  Schools are constantly caught in the cyclic mode of time; follow me for a second here.  Those of us in the education profession are constantly surrounded by the same age groups.  Yes, of course they grow up and move on, but we are stuck in that vortex of time that surrounds a high school, junior high, or elementary.  Kindergartners are *always* going to have that rough transition from home life to school life.  5th graders are *always* going to be scared of the transition from elementary school to junior high school (or middle school depending upon where you teach).  8th graders are going to think they know it all and then their brain is going to turn into mush once those hormones start raging and all they can think about is the opposite sex.  9th graders are going to be the "Big fish in a small pond" and get too big for their britches.  High Schoolers are *always* going to be in that cycle of finding who they really are, exploring relationships whether it be in the friend or romantic category, and Seniors are *ALWAYS* going to get "Senior-itis" in October.  The dress code will change over time but *that* is also cyclic in nature.  Stirrup pants anyone?  Booties?  Plaid flannel?  Grungey attire?  Raise your hand if you're my age and went though those fads once already and are now seeing them come back again.....


Mmmm-hmmmm that's what I thought.  See my point?

Here's another example, and this is directed towards my fellow women.  Look at our "monthly cycle".  The actual *event* of Aunt Flow should run like clockwork in most of us.  The same time every month an egg is released from our ovaries and if we're not in a place in our lives to use that egg in the way in which it is intended, good ol' "Aunt Flow" comes a knockin' and takes care of it for us.  Also think about the time surrounding the event.  I can tell you exactly which couple of weeks out of the month I'm going to feel bloated, tired, crabby, and generally skeeved off, and which couple of weeks I'm going to feel super thin fit and fabulous.  Instead of lamenting my bloated and "fat" weeks and beating myself up for not being my fit and fabulous self, I instead say "Oh.  We're at that point this month.  Cool, it'll cycle out and I'll be back to feeling "normal" next week", and I move on with my life until the next month when it cycles all back around.

Can you now see your life as cyclic instead of linear?  I sure can and I think that's unlocked a couple of secrets buried deep within the recess of my primordial brain but I'm still exploring those and not ready to share just yet.

3) "What will the future bring?  It will not bring the destruction of the world, but it may bring the return, in some form, of a supreme being.  Certainly we will face challenging threats and great risks, some beyond our control (earthquakes and tsunamis anyone?), others within the range of our collective responsibility (reduce, reuse, recycle!)." (pg. xi-xvii)

What supreme being?  Some say Christ and him taking all his followers in the blink of the eye while leaving the remaining non-believers a chance to "get right with God" so they can spend eternity living with him in peace and harmony.  Some others say it's a collective holding of all the divine spirits that reside above that will come put the smack down on us lowly humans and make us change for the better.  Or, maybe good ol' Mother Nature is the only supreme being we really need to worry about because SHE is the one who truly gives us life, cradles us within her crust, allows us the air with which we breathe, the water that we drink, and the soil in which to grow food.

One passage I latch onto from the introduction of this book is this..."The combined message of the various prophecies is positive.  If we can overcome that sense of lack and recover the wisdom we have lost, we will survive by the natural process of evolution, honing those functions and faculties that will best ensure the continuation of the human race and the planet.  Such survival will require the evolution of our minds, and our consciousness, and or spirituality."  

So we must all transition.  We must all begin to understand that we are NOT all that and a bag of chips.  The human race is inherently flawed, and hugely responsible for the mess we find ourselves in, but there IS a way out.  It's all cyclic people, remember that.  This happened once, it's happening again, and it will happen yet again when it comes back around. "The period of transition through which we are now passing, leading to galactic synchronization, will move us from an age of belief to an age of knowledge.  Belief is a matter of faith, of accepting for whatever reason that something is true or reliable...Belief is founded on trust which may, or may not, be based in experience.  On the other hand, we know the Sun will rise tomorrow...The prophecy of a new enlightenment is of our transition to this kind of certainty.  The Chilam Balam of Tizimin assures us that we 'will begin to esteem our learning and our knowledge of the unrolling of the face of the universe'." (pg 133)

Don't believe me that the Mayan's are and have been correct?  Here is an overview of their prophecies that have come true.  Keep in mind they made these prophecies thousands of years ago for time periods that had not happened yet, and they made these prophecies with the help of the sun, moon, and stars. (Page 15-41)  There are 21 of them, and that's a lot so skim if you will.  The BLUE lettering is in Mr. Benedict's words, the rest is my interpretation/spin.

1) Prophecies of the Coming of Foreigners and a New Religion
In summary the Maya fortold the total decline of their classical civilization.  It talks about the violent seizure of their land and life by the insurgence of Christianity and the Spanish.  This prophecy was to give "...early indication of sudden radical and challenging change, and a warning to prepare for it. Radical change is a theme that runs through all the prophecies that point us to December 2012.  This theme, and many others, is carried by the Maya's concept of cyclic time, especially specific periods of time, such as the 20-year katuns.  These have particular characteristics that determinded the nature of the events that would recur."

2) The Prophecy of the Emergence of Contemporary Mayan Masters and Teachers
The basic idea of this prophecy is to tell us that there will be people who will return to the sacred Mayan sites as "initiates of the future"  They are to enable *us* to have " insight and understanding, and to acquire 'cosmic wisdom'".  These initiates will not be exclusively Maya.  They will represent all cultures, religions, age, sexual orientation, races, and socio-economic class.  "Their main concerns will be the problems that have been caused by a materialistic education, the negative influences of a technocratic culture, and our almost total separation from nature.  The prophecy speaks of our urgent need of these teachers who, by sharing the recovered wisdom, will lead us back to the basic but ominously neglected sources of spiritual ful(l)filment, and of life itself."

I'll take a guru.  #Sign.Me.Up 

3) The Prophecy of the Return to Mayan Ceremonial Sites
The last sentence summarizes it best; "Wherever we live, and whatever path we follow, the prophecy calls us to recover our sensitiity to places charged with spiritual energy and knowledge."  Go outside and pray to Mother Nature, Mother Earth, because the most sacred site we all share is the earth on which we live.  We *must* take better care of her or she's going to "kick us off the island" as it were.  I prayed to her as we were traipsing around in the woods yesterday.  I remember staring down at a decomposing tree and marveling at the geometric-ness to which it was coming apart.  This tree was breaking down into small squares and rectangles and it was fascinating to me.  I tapped the tree with my foot and some of the squares and rectangles moved apart from one another, then without thinking I stepped on this log and destroyed it.  Not a big deal right?  WRONG-O.  MAJOR WRONG-O.  I destroyed the habitat of numerous bugs who had made that decomposing log their home.  I felt horrified.  I placed the section of log that broke off back on top as gently as I could as said a prayer which was basically this "OH Mother Nature I'm so sorry I am an unthinking human being apparently bent on destruction.  That was a shameful example of my disregard for nature.  For that I am humbled and sorry."  I took care of where I was stepping from that point on.

4) The Prophecy of the Return of a Supreme Being 
"...Rather than predicting the physical return of the ancient god, the prophecy tells us that with the
 ... initiation of cosmic wisdom people can attain the same, high spiritual state, so as to 'become' Kukulcan...From this moment on, I would like you to realize that we are all Quetzalcoatl or Kukulcan  We need only to develop our faculties of consciousness to fully realize that status."  

I think this falls in line with the fact that we, humans, use an incredibly small percentage of our brain power.  I believe that there is untold wisdom, power, and grace locked away in the deep recesses of our mind that we *must* access in order to survive the change that is coming.  I'm working on unlocking mine...are you?

5) The Prophecies of Pacal Votan
I highly recommend that you research these as I cannot give an accurate summary that will make sense.  These basically have to do with the Mayan beliefs within burying their king and making a "psychoduct" (pg 19) which helps the dead and undead communicate with one another, and the prophecy "...calls us to use personal, collective and cosmic energy to transcend the materialism and tecno-dominance of our age, so as to prepare for the problematic transition into the next World Age.  In this process, humanity will experience an evolutionary development of new creative and communicative faculties".  Like I said, research it if you want to understand more.

6) The Prophecy of Galactic Snchronization
This prophecy talks about energies and "influences" that will be released as a result of this conjunction.  Keep in mind it only takes place once every 26,000 years so regardless of what happens we're living in an exciting time because *we* will be around to see it!  The fact that on Dec. 21st, 2012 the sun is going to rise in conjunction with the 'Dark Rift' of the Milky Way is stellar enough, knowing that people living thousands upon thousands of years ago predicted this was going to happen is unreal.  

7) Prophecy Related to the Milky Way
Galactic Synchronization and the Milky Way go hand in hand because the 'Dark Rift' of the Milky Way is where this GS is centered, born from, what it concerns.  The Mayan mythology classifies the Milky Way as "The Tree of Life".  "The prophecy of the Milky Way forming the symbolic tree-image speaks of the continued evolution of the entire planet and of everything that is dependent on it for its life, both physically and spiritually...the prophecy anticipates a major point of transition in the history of planet Earth, the start of a new World Age, and an unprecedented creative shift in human consciousness and civilization".  

I think an unprecedented shift in our consciousness and civilization is just what we need.  I'm all for it, are you?!

8) Prophecy Related to the Moon
Now this one is kind of scary to me because I never realized that the Moon was actually characterized with deceitfulness, promiscuity, and unpredictability.  Do we really know all the ways the Moon influences our planet?  How it influences us?  Apparently these characteristics suggest events that will surprise and challenge us...wonder what those will be?  "The Moon's association with water implies periods of disastrously destructive flooding"  Uh-oh...aren't we already seeing this, and aren't we anticipating a heavy Spring flooding this year in the Midwest due to all the freaking snow?  The Maya also used the phrase "Rabbit in the Moon" versus "Man in the Moon"; the rabbit idea carries a link with "drunkenness, and thus of a humanity intoxicated with pleasure and materialism", just take a look at what the state of our television, & magazines cater too (reality TV), and all you have to do is observe those around you to know we're all stuck on having "The Next Best Thing".  On the flip-side, any woman can tell you that the Moon is also associated with "womanly ways", as in childbirth, and childbirth as we all know is the *ultimate* sign of renewal, rebirth, the chance to start over, and hopefully this time we'll be "...more cosmically conscious (as a) humanity".  

9) The Prophecy Related to Venus 
This prophecy speaks to Venus specifically as it transits (crosses) the Sun, and "...speaks of a criticcal period of transition both for our planet and humanity".  Because the Maya view/viewed time as cyclic, they prophesied that there would be some form of a major catastrophe (earthquake maybe?) that since it happened once when Venus was rising/declining/or transiting the Sun, that it made sense that it would happen again.  Anybody out there watchin' Venus?  What's she doing?  Is the earthquake in Japan the prophesied one, or one of the earthquakes prior, or one yet to come?  According to this book, Venus is set to transit the Sun on June 6th, 2012 and according to Mayan elders, not only is this transit to be understood as a "...visible appearance of the Feathered Serpent which..points to 'Cosmic Initiation'", this is also "...the time when the solar sunspot activity will be at its maximum, generating other forms of energy on Earth."  


10) The Prophecy of Transition to a New Age
The Fifth Sun is drawing to a close.  From the books that I have read, this is the most dangerous time to be alive.  Is it really any wonder?  I mean, like I said earlier all you have to do is watch the new each morning or night to see that we're surrounded by natural disasters that seem to never end, they just keep piling one on top of the other on top of the other.  The Sixth Sun is predicted to begin in 2012.  When this happens, the cycle is going to be reset.  The Earth is going to have to start back in the opposite direction working towards the next 26,000 year Galactic Synchronization.  I find it interesting that the Maya called this "..time between ages...'Apocalypse'."  What a scary word isn't it?  Apocalypse means "...a time of revelation or disclosure", when you put it that way it's not that scary.  "Our transition towards a New Age offers us the chance to improve and stabilize our relationships, and to accept our responsibility for the Earth" 

Did you read that?!  OUR RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE EARTH.  Sure, maybe a lot of the things that are happening are just *what happens* during this time/age, but it can't be ignored that we have helped spin the world off into the deep end, and we must work at getting it back.  I'm comforted by the notion that in Mayan culture, this New Age is the sign of the creation of a new world and hopefully the regeneration of our humanity and planet's sustainability.

11) The Prophecy of the Unity of Mankind
Isn't this what we all want? Peace and unity for all of us?  Within all of us?  This prophecy speaks to the NECESSITY of us all banding together, forgetting our differences and realizing that we are ALL fundamentally the same and must ALL work together if we are going to succeed and survive. 

12) The Prophecy of a New 'Enlightenment'
I love this prophecy because it talks about how we all need to make a radical shift in our perceptions (Quantum Physics anyone?) and really look again at our relationship with nature and to really understand how we fit into the universe.  In the words from the movie Contact, "If we're the only things out there, isn't that an incredible waste of space?" Reading through this prophecy it becomes known that some of us will experience this shift immediately following Dec. 21st, 2012, and for the rest of us it will be a gradual change but nonetheless a remarkable one.

My idea of Cosmic Consciousness
13) The Prophecy of Cosmic Consciousness
"The Maya understood that everything that exists is energy, and that consciousness is a property of matter.  Thus, what appears to be a prophecy rooted in an abstract, metaphysical process is in reality, far more concrete."  I understand this to relate to the idea of Quantum Physics and that there are multiple realities surrounding us at all times and the choices that we make steer us down the particular realities those choices are attached too.  This is such a large and vast concept that I can't comprehend it right now.  I'm working on it though because I believe this is the key to our perceptions and the key to living the life we *really* want to live.  "The prophecy speaks of the power of sharply focused collective thought which may, potentially, be the most powerful energy humankind has ever realized".     

If you've made it this far, bravo.  I know this stuff is hard to understand and at times scary but I would rather do as much research as I can and learn as much as I can about this topic, and then to be called a *weirdo* then to have something happen that I am totally unprepared for and quite possibly die because of it.  *Shrug* To each their own.

14) The Prophecy of Recovered Memory
This prophecy is both sad and uplifting.  It's sad because it's based off of the idea that we have forgotten all that our ancestors knew about being one with the Earth, one with nature.  This has lead to us destroying the only home that we have, and that is such a pity.  Are there other planets out there that could be our new habitat?  #Sure.  Is that going to happen within the next year? #ProbablyNot.  The "Recovered Memory" is just that.  The wisdom, or cosmic consciousness that we all have stored in our primordial brain, will be recovered and we will become one with nature again.  "The prophecy speaks of a memory revolution.  This recovery of knowledge 'will enable people to echo the memory of the universe.  And the new humankind will possess special capabilities, rationality and emotion".  

That's pretty damn cool if you ask me.  I wonder what types of abilities our future child(ren) will have.  It's quite a thought.

Why do we want to destroy this?
15) The Prophecy of the Destruction of the Earth
Doesn't that just warm you heart and make you feel all fuzzy inside.  It's actually not as bad as it sounds, "What the prophecy speaks of clearly is that while a sudden, terminal end of the Earth is unlikely (that's good to know), we will have to work through the consequences of our spoilation of the planet, and our exploitation of its natural resources."  Of course we do, we've the mess and we have to deal with it.  I cringe anytime I remember the Oprah show I watched that showed a garbage swirl as big as the state of TEXAS, yes you read that correctly, a *gargabe swirl* the size of TEXAS out in one of our oceans.  Are you kidding me people?!  In the OCEAN!?!  Wtf do you think is going to happen to all of the life that depends on that water for their survival.  Is it not enough that we have to crap up our neighborhoods and streets because we're too damn lazy to throw our trash in a TRASH CAN or, here's a novel concept, a RECYCLING BIN, that we let it get washed out to sea and expand into something the size of TEXAS?  This just makes me sick to my stomach.  Sometimes on the highway I want to ram the person in front of me when they flick their cigarette butt out the window.  You're going to hell for that.  Trust me on that one.  

*Deep Breath*  Sorry I got side tracked there for a second...In relation to this prophecy it is comforting to know that each age, or Sun, is marked by some extreme natural catastrophe, hence why I'm not panicked like I was originally when I first started looking into this topic.  If every Sun ended in catastrophe yet there were still people to continue living on, I'm okay with that.  This is the cyclic nature of time.  Maybe if we really understand this, then as we mosey through the Sixth Sun we can put to right what we screwed up and make the Earth an even better place to be.

16) Prophecy of Earth Changes, Ecology and Climate
This prophecy states "...the surface of the Earth will be moved..."  How many earthquakes all of the world have there been this year?  Don't think the surface of the Earth has shifted with all of those?  Of course it has.  This prophecy is about "...our pollution of the biosphere in the decades leading to 2012, which has set us in conflict rather than in harmony with nature...all those elements of the Earth that support life, are at risk".  There is debate about which has contributed more to global warming and climate change; advances in science and technologies or those industries that support them.  There is also debate over whether the climate changes we are experiencing and have experienced are due to *us* or whether it's more of a natural cycle that the Earth follows as it marches along it's cycle of precession.  It would stand to reason that if time is cyclic, then this *is* what is supposed to be happening at this moment in time in terms of climate changes, but we still need to pull our heads out of our rear's and reconnect with nature.  "The disturbances of our land shall eventually turn back", gives a positive light and suggests we will remember what it means to take care of the planet...our home. One can hope.

17) The Prophecy of Changes to the Earth' s Magnetic Field
This prophecy speaks to excessive sunspot activity (No CBS, you may not blame anything on sunspots), and changes in the Earth's magnetic center, as well as the Sun's.  Apparently NASA has corroborated this, and some sort of disaster seems likely. We've already seen reports of increased sunspot activity on the this another prophecy coming true?

18) Prophecies of Evolution and Genetics
This is a cool prophecy.  Pretty much we're going to evolve into more mature spiritual beings with a higher level of human consciousness, complete with abilities, skills, and creativity that are unimaginable at this point in time.  I think that's wicked cool to know that we either will evolve into more creative beings, or we will evolve so that we are able to tap into the creativity that is already inherent within each one of us.  This prophecy relates to Kundalini Yoga.  Research it if you like, it's an interesting concept and I believe that a couple of years ago I witnessed my first surge of Kundalini power up my spine, but with no teacher to guide me it cannot and should not be unleashed.   

19) The Prophecy of Transcending Technology
"The prophecy calls us back to the running theme of our need to recover our natural integration with nature, and speaks of our urgent need to transcend a technology that is rapidly approaching the time when technology will transcend us".  We're so plugged in all the time that we're missing the world around us.  Go ahead, take those ear buds out and power down your phone for 30minutes.  Take a book, sit outside, feel the sun or wind upon your face and just be.  Go ahead, I won't tell...

20) The Prophecy of Time
I enjoy this prophecy because it tells us that the end of time won't be what 2012 is all about.  It's not going to be the end of the world, it's going to be "the end of the conventional way we understand and experience time".  I find this last sentence intriguing, "Our awareness...will gather considerable momentum towards 2012, but to change our concept of time will require a radical alteration of our perception".  Is an hour going to hold the same definition anymore?  A second?  A minute?  A day?  Only way to find out...

21) The Prophecy that We Are the Prophecy
Of course we are.  We're the people who are living prior to this moment in history and we are the ones who will live during it and after it.  Most importantly the prophecy points to us as the ones who are necessary for this radical shift, we can't pass this off to a different generation.  We have to do it.  We have to make the change.  I'm getting ready, are you?


So this is what I have been discovering and reading about for some quite time now.  Call me weird, that's okay because #1 I am so it's no big surprise, and #2 I'd rather be called "weird" if nothing happens on Dec. 21st, 2012, than to be wholly unprepared for what is going to happen.  Know what I mean?
Read the book ("The Maya 2012: The end of the world, or the dawn of enlightenment?" by Gerald Benedict) for yourself, find other books to read, articles on-line, what-have-you.  This is my 3rd book on this subject that I have read, I've watched a documentary, read some articles, and discussed with others. We're in a historic period and have great opportunities to change not only the world but how we perceive it and each other.  

I'm ready to hop off the hand-basket the government has us in that's headed towards Hell, and jump onto the collective consciousness of the universe and immerse myself in it's cosmic wonder.  I hope you'll take the plunge with me, but it's okay if you start with just your toes.


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